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The 12 gauge shotgun is a firearm most notable for being the signature weapon of Early Cuyler

  it is the weapon that appears most often, usually wielded by Early for thievery. It is used by Early as both an intimidation tool, and a murder weapon.Early is almost always depicted holing his 12 gauge whether it be on fanart, promotional ads or figures, usually symbolizing his insanity as a redneck who would "shoot first, and ask questions later".

Earlys gun


Early's shotgun is highly stylized, along with the rest of the anmation in the show. Apparently a sawed-off pump action shotgun, Early appears to carry an endless number of them. It is worn heavily on the jagged muzzle and it is rusted and worn throughout. Early's shotgun most often has eleven tally marks on the stock, presumably representing kills, but this often changes. 

Double Barreled Shotgun[]

Early has a Double Barreled Shotgun he loads and mounts on the truck in the intro. 



  • Despite appearing to be a pump action, it is a semi-auto. Though sometimes Early pumps it.