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A Sober Sunday is the thirteenth episode from the second season of Squidbillies. It first aired on December 17, 2006 on [Adult Swim].


Dan Halen introduces Proposition 421 to overturn the laws barring liquor sales on Sundays.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Wolf Hat"



  • This is the first appearance of Deputy Denny in Squidbillies.
    • This is the first episode where Glenn is seen with his wife, despite Donna is also seen her ex-husband in the same episode.
  • A glass picture of Jesus Christ from the church can be seen in Dan Halen's Prop 421 commercial on television.
    • Colors of the American Flag appear in the same Prop 421 commercial.
    • A bottle of Glug is also seen.
    • Vote yes for Prop 421, and signs of it appear on the screen.
  • The Cuyler Family and two Mexicans are the only people attending church in this episode on Sunday.
  • Reverend has a yellow plate of dollars, and Early holds a yellow cup with three small red ovals on it, which Early drinks out of, thinking it was wine, but Reverend claimed that they changed it to grape juice. Early ends up breaking pieces of the cup, and stealing the money.
  • In the church, most notably the scene where Reverend was hit by the yellow plate with money that Early stolen, a brown table with two yellow plates of food can be seen on the table.
  • The items that Early gotten from Boyd's Convenience Store are a three cases of Glug lite ice, and jug/bottle of Wild Cherry Nightmare, the latter had to be chilled, so Boyd switched out the bottle, and Early wanted to get a wax rose for his lady. A purple cup full of roses with a paper with the words "Wax Roses" can also be seen.
  • After Boyd's left hand was shot off by Early, Sheriff came in with a sports outfit, and was holding a tennis racket, as mentioned that he would ask Early if he wanted to play Racquetball, but then arrests Early with handcuffs, and drags away, while Early drinks the Wild Cherry Nightmare liquid from its bottle.
  • When Sheriff is reading a newspaper, the paper has no images, and the text is written in scribbly words. However he is shown reading about Dan Halen's illegal Cloning farm with the newspaper words "Dan Halen's funded some kind of clone farm out in shaver county" on the article with some words visible, and a image of Dan Halen cutting a ribbon with large scissors, next to a large sign with the words "Illegal Clone Farm" visible.
  • Deputy Denny mentioned to the Sheriff that he ain't his daddy, despite being a clone, when Sheriff tells three clones to take out some trash, and then Denny hops on the trash bag that one of them is carrying.
  • Many clones of Sheriff from the previous episode appear in this episode. Though some new ones are introduced such as one holding a microphone, and a weird speaking mouth.
  • Early told the Sheriff to light up a Breatheramatornator, the black screen displays the numbers in red "0.00", which flashes. While Sheriff told him to the blue end to his mouth, instead he puts in his ass, which beeps and the bell rings. The number ended up as ".63", before Early slices off three of his tentacles with a sharp knife to make a cocktail, to pour the blood into a glass cup, and drink it. Early also ends up fainting from bloodlust.
  • Before Early headed home, his son Rusty is seen with an outfit with a helmet, which puts on, since he may think that his father would beat his ass, and also he is watching a cricket climb up a wall. Granny is also seen in an old outfit, with a similar situation.
  • There is a new spider web in the Cuyler house, aside from the aforementioned cricket, where Rusty tries to caught an another one of them, and later eats it, while a house fly flies around on the head of Granny. An another scene shows Granny surrounded by small black circles, now obviously these could be more flies.
  • Flashing, and blue lighting effects are used for a little bit, Lil is also seen watching television while smoking a cigeratte, as she claimed that she is watching "Good Times", and mentions J.J.
    • A brief scene of the Sheriff's inner face is seen for a little bit, and later on, a closeup of Lil's face.
  • A voice saying "so don't tell mama, ok?" are heard on television, along with people laughing.
  • The white license plate seen on the front of Early's truck says the words "Boo-T" in red letters.
  • Signs of Tennessee and Alabama are seen.
  • Early stolen a full screen television from Glenn's house.
  • The machine that Early prays to the lord, before being destroyed by Phil, resembles the Glug machine from "Office Politics Trouble."
  • One of the Sheriff clones is named "Phil", he also has the voice, and a similar personality to Deputy Denny.
  • This is the third and final appearance of Dr. Bug in the show's second season. He doesn't appear in an another episode after this until the episode "Sharif" from the third season.
  • While Dan Halen, Sheriff and the Sheriff Clones all got caught on fire, and Granny burns to death after Early puts her on a scooter, and the scooter drives into the fire because Early started the scooter's engine. Its unknown what happened to Rusty, after he drove the ice-cream truck into a large fire, he most likely burned to death in the fire.