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African is a unnamed African American character with a weird shaped head, and black hair that can be seen in many episodes of Squidbillies. Most notably in the episodes "Clowny Freaks" and "Velvet Messiah", he spoke a few lines of dialogue in both episodes. He is voiced by the co-creator of the show, Dave Willis.


He is commonly a recurring citizen and is a father of one child (presumably two as shown in "S5E8").

In "Clowny Freaks", The Cuyler family attends his son's birthday party as he is shown to have two children with him. Lil asks him if he wanted to party with her. The man mentioned that he is partying with his son on his own birthday. The man then walks away offscreen.

In "Class of '86", its revealed that he attended high school along with Sharif, Dan Halen, Glenn, Donna, Boyd, Reverend, and Krystal. He is seen in the dream from the Sheriff and also starts laughing at the Sheriff, which the latter is being bullied by Dan Halen.

In "Velvet Messiah", he drives to the Gas Station at the beginning of the episode. Early pops out of trash can, and asks him what he will do for him. He mentioned that he didn't realizes it was a full-service. Early opens up one of his holes of his car. Early inhales the octane in the car and explains it. The man tells him it was "91 octane". He mentions that it is what he likes. The man mentions the words "uh, sir?" for at least two times. As Early uses a squid blanket from Rusty by putting it in the hole of the man's car to inhale more of the octane.