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Aint nothin but a wing

AINT NOTHIN BUT A WING Is a chicken wing restaurant owned by Dan Halen, which he established after genetically splicing squid with chicken DNA. It's main dishes are both Hot wings and BBQwings, with a workforce that consists of only Dan Halen himself and Rusty Cuyler. The food is considerably dangerous, which is obvious after Sheriff grew massive tumors on his body, eventually leading towards the residents and wolves and the Reverend dying from combustion. Dan Halen's only warnings about the dangerous wings was on the place mats. The restaurant also has some activities such as karaoke, a menu that kids can color on with crayons and stripping, as over two strippers work for stripper here.

The Sherriff has a conversation with Dan Halen



  • Interestingly, the restaurant doesn't have a comma in the first word of the restaurant's name, as the first word "ain't" is misspelled as "aint" without the said comma. Also "nothin" has no "g" at the end of the word.