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Aliens are a group of minor characters in Squidbillies.


A bunch of aliens of different alien species attend Lerm Edwards and Lil Cuyler's wedding at the Reverend's church. Lerm's parents also appear in the audience. They only exclusively appear in the episode "Lerm". They are last seen being crushed by Lerm's UFO, when he crashes the vehicle into the church.

Alien Appearances[]

The group of aliens have different appearances, and species.

  • Lerm's parents are colored lime, and deep dark. They both wear clothes, and have on glasses.
  • A green hand alien, with a singular eye, which spreads a tear.
  • A gray alien, with a big head.
  • A flashing, multicolored orb.
  • A gray fish, like alien.
  • A blue reptilian alien, flashing on screen.
  • A pink headed alien, with green legs, resembling Early Cuyler.
  • A brown mammal like alien, resembling Plumber Bubba's green alien form.
  • A green, four legged, horned alien, with black eyes.
  • A orange alien, with small eyes and big mouth.
  • A white faced alien, with two small yellow eyes, and it's orange mouth is connected to it's neck.
  • A weird looking, brown alien, with a single red eye.


  • "Lerm" (Only Appearance)