Appalachian Mud Squid
Kingdom Animalia
Location Georgia U.S.A
species color varies 1600s height small

The Appalachian mud squid is a species of squid located in the Appalachian mountains of the United States in the state of Georgia. Despite being drunks and illiterate, they are very intelligent for animals as they talk, hold objects, drive, and perform several other human activities.

Anatomy Edit


Squid behind its skin

The Squids are small compared to most humans, but their sizes are different amongst each other. The squids are said to be invertebrates, however they have been shown with having bones and have broken them on several occasions.The Appalachian Mud Squid does have the ability to squirt ink from their funnel like most other species of squid.  They have been shown to have up to 9 tentacles (Early in Velvet Messiah) but many have only 5 (Granny). The squid color varies from Green to Pink to Orange. They are also extremely resilient creatures, able to survive and endure great pain, punishment and also having the ability of extraordinary regeneration from lethal wounds. Later episodes revealed that all Squids are hermaphrodite, meaning they have both male and female genitalia.


The squids were some of the many aquatic creatures that were living in the Americas when the entire north was flooded by the Atlantic ocean.As time passed, the ocean subsided to form the geography that is today and during that process, the squids began evolving to walk on land. According to Cuyler, the Squids inhabited the lands of Dougal County since the time of the Indian (aka Native Americans), where they fought a great war which resulted in their complete defeat in a matter of minutes. Later on they would be enslaved by American Southerners in rural plantation, yet when the Civil War ended, the rebels tried but failed to give them to the Yankee's, citing that they are lazy, welfare-sponging, disgusting tasting, useless waste of space. Due to their nature, they were for the longest time treated harshly by the residents of the south, and sometimes continue to be treated as such to this day. They are currently residents of Dougal county.

However, in Season 4, the Sheriff hints that the Squids might've come from, "-a nuclear accident or space". Granny Cuyler appears to be the last "pure" breed of Mud squids as the other squids were born with a human as one of the parents. However, this could be false as Ga Ga Cuyler appears to be pure squid and since he is the father of Early and Lil it is most likely they are pure bred as well and may take more after their father than Granny.


The Squids are considered to be at the brink of extinction, this is most likely due to the hazardous conditions and environments they live in, as well as the dangers they cause to themselves, as they are constantly fighting, taking drugs and drinking alcohol. Likewise, the reason for their near extinction is their complete disregard for their offspring, where many leave dozens of them to their deaths either by their own motives or by the great misfortune that follows their entire species.


  • In a recent bump, adult swim stated the Mud squids natural enemy is the Australian Cuttlefish .
  • Apparently, as shown with Lil, a female mud squid gives live birth, and can mate with several males and conceive the sperm of each father individually.