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Armageddon It On! is the Thirteenth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on April 20, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


The Rapture occurs and various Dougal county residents ascend to Heaven, while others do not. Early and Rusty reject heaven even though they are chosen.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"


Guest Appearances[]


  • This episode takes place during the Rapture, explaining why most of the characters are naked, were chosen and ascending to Heaven.
    • The rapture is also claimed as "Judgement day."
    • Interestingly, Adultswim.com's episode description of this episode states "The greatest story ever told." "About cartoon squids."
  • Although they were called Chiggers by Granny earlier, the Locust used in this episode are a hybrid between grasshoppers, locusts and scorpions. They are seen flying like locust and stinging like a Scorpion.
  • The Cuyler's mistaken Pestilence for the US Air Force, at first, even mentioning the black ops unit "air horse."
  • This episode features a large CN skull at the end.
  • Rusty drinks blood from a pouring spigot, which Pestilence claims to be a "sea of blood." Granny does the same thing, while disgusts Pestilence, the blood was previously water.
  • The cabinet from "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma" reappears, while Early shoves bottles of liquor mule in Rusty's ass, not to ascending him up to Heaven. Early claims that Jesus is going to be "too busy" with the rapture and never going to look up his boy's butt.
  • Granny claims that the rapture is when "all of the good people fly out of their clothes straight up into Heaven." Like Superman, but completely nude.
    • Early claims that their is going to be one hot tangle of bodies and Granny mentions that she doesn't need to eat or drink, because she is going to be "banging" all day.
  • Granny was the first person to be chosen to the Heaven and then mentions "Hallelujah."
  • When Early, Rusty, Granny and Glenn are ascending to Heaven in the window of Dan Halen Sheet Rock International, the bottles of liquor mule in Rusty's butt fall down and Granny vomits on the window.
  • Dan Halen has his own "Holy Ascension Spray", which he sprays on himself to ascend to Heaven, but fails.
  • The top of Dan Halen Sheet Rock International from the previous episode, "Tuscaloosa Dumpling" reappears.
  • Early's original voice actor Unknown Hinson makes a cameo in this episode with a guitar during the Rapture as himself.
  • The Patrick Swayze imposter reappears once again as he floats into heaven while naked.
  • The Postman from the episode "Tween Steam" makes a cameo in this episode, as one of the several people that were ascending to Heaven.
  • Half of the characters are shown to be naked when they ascend to heaven, but certain areas on their bodies don't have , most likely due to Adult Swim's Standards and Practices, because they wouldn't allow nipples on females or pubic hair on the crotches of both males and females.
    • Also Krystal covers her breasts when ascending.
  • When Krystal asks Sheriff "are going to meet the lord with that tiny "d*ck?", the word "d*ck is censored with a bleep.
    • Sheriff also claims it would get a whole lot "bigger" when he gets to Heaven.
  • Santa Claus from "Rebel with a Claus" reappears in this episode and is fully alive and well.
    • Its revealed that he decides to stop production on all sex toys and that he is arms dealer, since one of his elves gives him a rifle, which he guns down four elves, which were ascending to Heaven and one of his reindeer. He claims the rifle is "The Kalashnikov's with the drum-type rear sight and the fixed stock.
    • Scooter, an elf that was previously killed reappears alive.
    • He also claims that he could fold the "Anal-beads" team into yo-yos. One of the Gordon Camp elves says that he could call them "massagers." Despite saying "no", Santa agrees and claims that he can make that work and would call "Sharper image."
    • After killing the four elves and the reindeer, he then mentions "Merry Christmas, Afghanistan."
  • On the newspaper that Santa is reading, the article is listed as the "One Weekly Pole", "It's Over", "Rapture Occurs, Traffic Terrible" and "Snow Again" are all listed on the newspaper.
  • Rusty mentions a "goodbye" to "dumbasses" that told him to study algebra, even saying goodbye to his Patrick Swayze poster and the Truck-Boat-Truck, which Early claims that the truck-boat-truck will meet them at the "pearly gates" and claims the truck "It's got the GPS."
    • Ironically, a later episode in the show focuses on Early developing a bromance with a GPS from China.
  • Since his truck-boat-truck can't go into Heaven and since he can't bog in Heaven, Early decides to serves, Satan, the Dark Lord instead and claims that he is "Vessel."
  • Yellow Creature is revealed to have no eyes, while naked when ascending to Heaven.
  • After Boyd is chosen to Heaven, his keys fall to the ground and tells Revered to lock up his store, since the latter wasn't chosen.
  • The ballerina prop from the Dance Studio was chosen to ascend to Heaven, despite being a prop.
  • Lil Cuyler, Reverend and Dan Halen, though Dan does arrive at Heaven via jetpack, were the only people in Dougal County that never ascended to Heaven. 
    • When Dan Halen jet-packs to Heaven, he becomes the 4,400 to enter Heaven.
    • At least 4,400 people entered Heaven, while Early and Rusty, who both managed to ascend to Heaven, rejected it for obvious reasons.
    • Sheriff was left out of Heaven since 4,400 people is the cut, along with a large group of babies that can't get into Heaven since they wouldn't baptized.
    • Sheriff has to wait until Monday to get in.
  • The last people entering Heaven were a wolf, Glenn's Wife, or Donna, a Zombie Citizen, Evan and Dan Halen.
  • The interior of Boyd's store is shown to be inside a purple building, where Early and Rusty hide in.
  • Interestingly, Early and Rusty are shown stealing various items in shopping karts such as televisions, such as flat-screens, cars, clothes, satellite disks, etc., when everyone ascending to Heaven, and they are in Dougal County alone with the Reverend. Meanwhile, a seven-headed beast is wrecking havoc in the abandoned Dougal County, while the two formers previously hid inside Boyd's store and Early told him to mute his "whoo's."
  • When Reverend is crying about being rejected from the rapture, he mentions that the lord even took all of the Mexicans, and claims that they can't pray in English.
    • The various Mexican objects seen on the streets are a soccer ball, a taco, a wooden plank, a piñata, a sombrero and Mexican clothes.
  • Granny looks in a green mirror, thinking that she is going to be young again, but didn't happen.
    • Granny claims where are her virgins, Squid Jesus corrects her as it is a Muslim thing.
  • Granny claims that Squid Jesus smells like olives.
  • According to Squid Jesus, if he has sex with Granny in Heaven, its not Heaven for him.
  • Unlike Squid Jesus, God is revealed to be a large thunderstorm, who is not a squid.
  • Its revealed that Squid Jesus was turned by God to turn on the rapture, but it was a parable, which he has been over him with Jesus, and then he explains how "Yes, Thursday whatever is parable?", which God doesn't know because he assumes its one of Satan's tricks, since he is always messing with God and Jesus, since they were decimated by injuries, which he says to Jesus when he doesn't listen to him and he claims that he never listens. The rapture is soon called off.
  • The statue of the "Glug's 10 commandments of taste" from the episode "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble" reappears.
  • The Price Gorilla Inflatable from the episode "Beast Implants" reappears.
  • Lil and Reverend are seen making out with some of the heads of the Apocalypse Monster, Lil is mainly making out with the dragon head and Reverend makes out with a large demon head.
    • Reverend also claims that the curtain is yanked back from the charade.
  • Plumber Bubba and The Counter of the Mounter Tain's human form makes cameos on television monitors along with other programs like a educational singing program with a girl and rabbit, a forest and a lake, a realistic man holding a pistol with a gun pointer covering him, a commercial, Krystal's butt commercial and three televisions with TV statics.
    • Early also claims them Jews are funny.
  • One of the speakers is called a "back-left tweeter", which is used for supporting character dialogue. The reason why Rusty doesn't hear nothing from the speaker is because Q's a main character, even though its a speaker only for dialogue that is coming back behind, and they have it routed through a subwoofer somehow, which is blowing off all the highs, which he isn't going to get into it.
  • Early mentions that he has a skull bong.
  • The Channel Six news woman on the television reappears on a television in the episode "Anabolic-holic."
  • Steve's eyes are revealed for the first time.
  • Sheriff and a large group of naked people are seen at the Cuyler's house, as Sheriff asks him if he and everyone would borrow some clothes due to all of the citizens being naked, since the rapture got called off by God, but Early throws them a outdated laptop instead.


  • Several duplicate models of nude characters, such as Donna' Ex-Husband and the Pizza-Delivery Man, are seen in the background, possibly due to budget reasons.
  • When Dan Halen flies to Heaven via jetpack, he is heard laughing but his mouth isn't seen moving.
  • The large group of naked people at the end of the episode are shown to be clones of a few characters, for example there are two clones of Glenn's wife, Monsterhang's and Steve's seen in that audience.

References & Allusions[]

  • Jamie Kennedy is mentioned, when Early explains that it is spring break at P.C. Beach or they are some experiment for him.
  • Superman is mentioned by Rusty, when Granny explains the rapture.
  • Old Navy is mentioned by Rusty, since his shirt is four-dollars, but free on the street.
  • Dolly Parton is mentioned by Granny, telling Squid Jesus to make her look like her and to make her look however she wants.
    • She mentioned that she doesn't care if she wants to be a dog or an old tire.
  • Early is seen watching three programs which has references to a black and white Adult Swim bumper with the [Adult Swim] logo on the bottom, a realistic woman reporting on Channel Six news and the show itself is referenced on one of the television.
  • James Bond's name is mentioned and referenced, as discussed by Early and Rusty, about the speaker, since he is the main character of the James Bond movie franchise and they mentioned that Q's a supporting character.
  • The 2004 DreamWorks movie "Shrek 2", is mentioned by Early at the end of the episode, as the thing that he is watching on television.