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Asbestos I Can is the 61st episode of Squidbillies. This episode first aired on September 11, 2011 on [Adult Swim].


Early's addiction to asbestos hats gives him a terminal disease, and the Sheriff decides to let Early have his last wishes granted.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "I'm did asbestos I can!!"
  • "Warning! Do Not Wear This Hat! I'm did asbestos I can!!"


Guest Stars[]



  • As of now, this episode is the final episode to have the original main theme song by Billy Joe Shaver.
  • Glenn's wife is shown having "oral sex" with Early by sucking two of his tentacles, this is a reference to his second penis from "Frivolacious Squidigation".
  • Early's final wish is to see the laser show at Stone Mountain. In the episode, the show celebrates slavery and meth labs to tunes that resemble Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" and John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy."
  • Ignignokt from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Spacecataz make cameo appearances as a necklace of T-Pain, the other Mooninite named Err from the same show & spin-off also appears as a necklace on T-Pain's Wife.
  • Early's Coffin is shown to be a giant bottle of Alcohol.
  • The flashbacks are shown in gray, similar to "Dead Squid Walking".
  • The Cuyler Killing shows how many times family members of the Cuyler's were killed in car crashes.
  • Despite this being the season 6 premiere, This is the third episode of the season to be produced, according to the Production Order for the Volume 5 DVD.
    • This is the final episode in the series to be produced in a different order.