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Ballad of the Latrine Marine is the fifth episode from the eleventh season of Squidbillies. It first aired on November 12th, 2017 on [adult swim]

Synopsis []

It takes a man to make the women's room safe from men who think they're women.


Glenn's wife, Donna, enters a bathroom but is approached by Early who asks her to insert his penis into a hole in the wall, for a "voluntary check of its kind". Donna runs away, warning the local manager that Early is harassing customers. The sheriff lets Early out of the bathroom and explains that his job is only to check if there are men in the women's toilets. Later at home, Early is visibly red and spontaneously begins to swell. Early is pregnant and, as Granny explains, every ten years, a muddy squid has to head north to empty its sack of eggs. Later it is also discovered that their species is both male and female. This, of course, is difficult for Early to digest, who has always boasted of being completely in line with a male image. Despite the very clear signs of pregnancy, Early clings tightly to his manhood and shoots the ceiling with his sawn-off shotgun. Rusty doesn't know how to proceed with his father, so Early suggests a male-only trip. Arriving at the hatching place, Early finally gives birth to the eggs and finally seems to accept being a dad. While Early welcomes new babies, they are immediately attacked and eaten by a flock of crows.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Latrine Marine"
  • "I Don't Lay Eggs, I Lay Womans"
  • "I'm Not A Woman Because I'm Definitely All Man!!!"
  • "Don't Talk Down TO Me, I Ain't No Woman, You Can Boss Around!!!"
  • "I'm Still Hot!, It Just Comes In Flashes!"
  • "They're Not Hot Flashes, They're Power Surges!"
  • "Booty Hunter"


Guest Stars[]


  • Early has the ability to give birth to Baby Squids, over 100 eggs are in his belly, despite him being a male, however he had both sex organs, eventually he starts to act like a pregnant women.
    • Later after the baby squids come out of Early's eggs, Early has female animal breasts.
  • Denny mentions that the doors of the Male & Female restrooms say "Buoys" & "Gills".
  • Early mentioned LBQ2-D2C3PO from Star Wars at one point.
  • Early is seen reading a Jabbler book at one point, due to the fact he has a egg-sac & mentions that Brangelina broke up
  • For Early & Rusty male bonding trip, Rusty puts in Early's shotgun, ammo, MyLadies Home Journal with 15 Fun Ideas for Fall, his wiglet, three bottles of Pinot Grig, the little tinkly trinkets anyone can put around the steam of the wine glasses, two hats & Early's shower massager, this was all what Early wanted for they're checklist.
  • This is the second episode in the series, where a member of the Cuyler family lays eggs, first being in "Butt Trouble".
    • This episode & that episode have similar plots, even the blue eggs resemble the blue eggs the Baby Vampire Squids came from, however in this episode, the baby squids that come out of Early's eggs are not related to Dracula at all.
  • Rusty's penis or beak is blurred out, this is similar to Krystal's breasts from "Thanks-Taking", Early's Dickhat from "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble", the rubber penis from "The Fine Ol' Solution", Sheriff's penis from "Jacksonville Jackass" or any other instance in the show where private parts are censored.
  • Despite the passing of the Scott Hillery, a voice identical to the Reverend's voice can be heard in the "Made In Georgia" sequence.