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Ballmart is the seventh episode of the Sixth Season of Squidbillies, it aired on October 23, 2011 on [Adult Swim].


Sheriff hires Granny and Early as greeters in Dan Halen's new Ball Mart super store.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "I put the funk in functional alcoholic!!"
  • "I pick the hick in "Operating a vehicle while Introx-Hick-ated!!"



  • Ballmart is parody of the famous store Walmart, This location becomes a recurring location after-wards.
    • Granny also said Walmart when she questioned about the building.
  • This is the first time a Ballmart is added to Dougal County.
  • One of the Mexicans has a wife & child, this is first time this is seen.
  • Yellow Creature makes a Small Cameo in a few scenes, when Dan Halen was holding a giant Ballmart & dropped it, this is it's first appearance since "The Liar, the Bitch and the Bored Rube" since Season 4 but was a fantasy sequence but in reality he was last seen in "Armageddon It On!" from Season 3.
  • In the Boyd's abandoned convenience store there is a sign in a window saying "Thanx For 52 Great Years", suggesting Boyd's store has been around in Dougal County for 52 years.
  • According to Russell everything the store sells is from South America.
  • In Russell's fantasy four Mexicans go on strike & there signs say "Strike", "Higher wages", & "Jose 3:16".
  • Early's contact lenses are yellow cat eyes that are able to get through a rental scan which Early gives to the Sheriff & he wears when he is in the confession room with Early since got in trouble as he got caught with a shotgun in his hands to rob & three security guards got him, Granny uses them doing a similar thing to what Early did at the end of the episode.