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Ballmart is a recurring location in Squidbillies. The store is a parody of the infamous Walmart building. The building first seen in it's own episode with the same name "Ballmart" Several people such as Sheriff, Rusty, Krystal, Sheila, Bobby, Leroy and an unnamed employee, are seen working as employees there while citizens in Dougal County visit the store to shop. The store also has it's own security system with security guards and cameras.

Ballmart also had it's own share of problems and issues such as Dan Halen banning the confederate flag, it's own "Black Friday", and Early attempt to bring his sasquatch cooler in the store smoking up the store with gas.


The store colored in whites, grey and many other colors like the word "Ballmart" logo colored red. Christmas and "Fourth of July" variations of this store appeared in "The War on The War on Christmas".


The store has some attractions such as a deli, food section, clothes section, and a sports section. A unicorn arcade game appears in "Drone to the Bone", a "job chart", and has it's own "Black Friday" every year in "Thanks-Taking".

Employee's also have jobs like stocking shelves and greeting people that are walking inside. The current greeters at Ballmart are both Bobby and Leroy. However Galvin who pretended as a greeter there until he got kicked out.

Ballmart (episode)[]

This store was part of the main plot of the episode as Dan Halen pulls a gigantic Ballmart and drops onto the streets of Dougal County, where the citizens all visit the store. Early who worked there is conflicted with the fact that it replaces the convenience store that he robs. Rusty thought they could go on strike for higher pay & lower hours and even lobby congress to give tax breaks for domestic factory jobs while later Granny wanted to file a an anti-discrimination suit. However Early wanted to rob the place instead for the money. The store is said to have a long group of connected air-vents that was planned as it implies a gold mine of gold is located down the Earth's crust. There is also a confession room.


The store sells many products such as:

  • Beer
  • Chips
  • "Butter Bomb Jalapeno Popperit Blasters" (which Krystal sells but eats the free samples without any permission)
  • Clothes
  • "Hog Hooves"
  • Dumbbells
  • Weights
  • Guns
  • Sports
  • Confederate flag imagery (banned)
  • "Wally The Watcher"
  • "Kwanzaa Keith"
  • "Jew on the Loo"
  • "Malamute" coolers



  • Ballmart is usually located somewhere in Dougal County, in it's first appearance it was located in Dougal County. However some episodes like "Cooler-Heads Prevail", have changed the location of the store.
  • It could be assumed that Dan Halen created the store or stolen it. However in the episode, "Galvin", when Galvin mentions about going to a another Ballmart located somewhere in "Murphy, North Carolina". Implying Ballmart is a global building made by a company or store franchise is placed around America. According to Rusty, everything the store sells is from South America which may be possible.