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Beast Implants is the second episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on January 27, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


After Granny's skin is burnt off, she has her body parts replaced with different animals, which causes her to act like them.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Taste Daytona!"



  • The title of episode is a pun on "Breast Implants".
  • The reason why Rusty wasn't moving at the beginning of the episode, is because his skin was stuffed with hay, newspaper crumples and an animal skull.
  • The brown sign that had a picture of a shark and other colors; purple, blue, reddish to greenish on it says the words "Tropical 'Tans N Taxidermy Taste Daytona", which Early claimed that he got a full service spa and salon.
  • According to Early, if he ain't "gettin' them monies" he won't be able to keep "blowin'" a price gorilla inflatable and taking down all of his Christmas decorations on the Cuyler House.
    • The Price Gorilla Inflatable that wears glasses, shorts and holding bananas looks very similar to the plastic Gorilla holding knives at the "E-stab-listment" building in the episode "Take This Job & Love It" and the Gorilla Inflatable with a Santa Hat and having its knives on the Sheriff's Office on Christmas appearing the last episode of the second season "Rebel with a Claus."
    • Oddly, this episode reveals that they have Christmas decorations such as lights, plastic reindeer and snowman and Santa's sled (which is fake), now despite this, these decorations didn't appear in "S2E14."
    • Even a sign seen in the North Pole appears as a decoration.
  • This episode reveals the internal anatomy of Rusty, and an example of the Appalachian Mud Squid species.
  • When without his skin talks onscreen after breaking out of a window, the Sheriff disappears next to him, but reappears in the next scene.
  • According to the Sheriff, when Early puts Rusty's skin back on his body, Sheriff mentioned that he was going to report it to the authorities, but Early claimed "we was just teasin' with the government", but the entitlements exist for a reason, according to the Sheriff.
    • Sheriff is also a official a the state and "sworn to uphold my duty", can't allow Early to work the system "that way", as Sheriff takes off his clothes, wearing nothing but swim trunks and puts on a pair of goggles for a tan bed.
  • Granny's skin was burnt off by the tan bed, which starts to melt, located in the Cuyler house, which the Sheriff was about to head to, Early then throws a tire in the fire.
    • According to Dr. Cock, Granny has over fifth-degree burns over 240% of her body.
  • Rusty has his own Smoothics stand serving drinks such as Tropical-island ocean, Florida, pinke or...", which is cut off by Early's mechanical face peel "microdermabrasion?", which is a lawnmower previously appeared in the episode "Burned and Reburned Again."
  • Dr. Cock's computer has 3D green render of Granny, this model is obviously made out of CGI, including breasts, Granny obviously wanted the breast implants bigger.
    • The Dougal County Clinic and planet Earth are depicted as red wire fames/red outlines on the computer.
    • Dr. Cock appears on the computer, colored in blue outlines.
    • The words "Orbit Breach" appear on screen, along with a Satellite orbiting around the Earth.
  • This is the very first episode where Dr. Cock lights himself on fire.
  • The objects used to comprise Granny's new skin are a tape measurer, a gray measurer (obviously used to measure Granny), a notepad and two hammers.
  • Rusty is shown using a snake charmer to charm a green snake and can milk a dairy cow.
  • Despite Rusty's age, he drives a car into the house, for Granny to see her new skin and beast implants.
    • The mirror on the car says the words "Objects In Mirror Are Cuyler Than They Appear", a parody of "Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear."
  • Granny's skin is comprised of a green snake, a wolf, a dairy cow, a rooster, and a fox, oddly her tongue is a snake tongue and cow udders serve as her breasts, she acts similar dog when she encounters the Hitch-Hiker, one of her arms even has the head of a green snake with fangs.
    • A raccoon tail, a brown tail of a beaver and is also has gray porcupine spikes seen, though none of these animals were killed onscreen. Early and Rusty most likely killed these creatures offscreen.
  • Oddly enough, Sheriff's skin was burnt by the tan bed, even having a tan as shown in the episode, but he turns back to normal when he arrests Granny for rape much later on.
  • Lil wears the same black clothing in church from the episode "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble."
  • "Joseph" and his many colors, the youngest of eleven sons of Israel is mentioned by the Reverend.
  • Unlike the Reverend, the Cuyler family and the Mexicans, Lil is not seen exiting church.
  • This episode has a couple of jump scares from Granny's beast implants form.
  • Granny is arrested for raping the Reverend, which in fact rape is indeed illegal in many states. Before using her beast implants, breaking the handcuffs, ripping up one of the Sheriff's arms and runs away.
  • Granny's beast implants are shown that she can kill the Hitch-Hiker, rip off arms of people, break and destroy objects such as the aforementioned handcuffs, including wires from the truck, and carrying its engine.
  • When Early escapes Granny on his truck and leaves Rusty behind, he drives away using a small truck-boat-truck, obviously a toy model.
  • Dan Halen has his own binoculars, watching the feral Beast Implants Granny attack Rusty in the truck.
  • After Granny was killed by Dan Halen, she was turned into a statue, shown on television, being watched by Early, Rusty and Lil.
    • Dan Halen: "Despite the efforts of the best doctors, I'm sorry to report that the disease has spread to her legs, every zone infatuated."
    • Dan Halen: "Let's stop dyslexia in its tracks, you can make a difference, not forher."
    • Dan Halen: "She's completely dead, but forme as l finish this awesome building."
  • A drawing of the top of Dan Halen Sheet Rock International appears in Dan Halen's program, even pointing the top of the building, before the episode's credits appear.

References & Allusions[]

  • The words on the car's mirror "Objects In Mirror Are Cuyler Than They Appear", is a parody of words on a car mirror that could say "Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear."
  • The hymn being sung by the congregation during the church service is supposed to be "The Old Rugged Cross".
  • The famous Wilhelm Scream is heard in this episode.