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Billy Morton is a recurring character in Squidbillies.


He is armless and legless young boy who is also the captain the local high school football team. His father gave him two, two-by-four wooden boards as replacement legs, and two tree limbs as arms. Billy Morton has died a few times in the show. Usually, Billy Morton appears as a background character in his appearances.

In "Rebel with a Claus", on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus misses Billy's house, and accidently delivers a basketball hoop to Krystal instead, this basketball hoop was obviously a gift/present for Billy Morton.

In the episode "Velvet Messiah", Early, posing as Jesus Christ, attempts to "heal" him by smashing a bottle of Thoughtless gentleman brand drinking whiskey over his head.

In "Stop, Jammer Time" (S8E6), Billy seems to have turned to the dark side when he had to serve a court sentence for a "arm robbery."




  • Billy Morton was originally going to appear in "Rebel with a Claus", however he was scrapped from the final project possibly due to time constraints. He is mentioned by Santa Claus, but doesn't appear. There's a unfinished deleted scene featuring Billy and his voice actor Nick Ingkatanuwat was speaking in the deleted scene. This deleted scene included three stockings featuring two Master Shakes and one Frylock from the Adult Swim series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
    • Also Billy Morton appeared in the deleted scenes for the episodes "Bubba Trubba" and "Terminus Trouble". He was used as a placeholder, as this was on the same DVD set.
    • In the deleted scenes, his green shirt is colored brown for unknown reasons. This was possibly an early design of him.
    • Not counting all of these deleted scenes, and being mentioned by Santa Claus in the finale, Billy Morton makes no appearance in Season 2.
  • In the episode "Sharif", Billy's football has a skeleton, despite the ball being a object.