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Billy Morton is a recurring character in Squidbillies.


He is a young boy that is armless and legless, who is also the captain of the local high school football team. His father gave him two-by-four wooden boards as replacement legs and two tree limbs as arms. Usually, Billy Morton appears as a background character in his appearances.

In "Rebel with a Claus", on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus misses Billy's house and accidently delivers a basketball hoop to Krystal instead, this basketball hoop was obviously a gift/present for Billy Morton.

In the episode "Velvet Messiah", Early, posing as Jesus Christ, attempts to "heal" him by smashing a bottle of Thoughtless gentleman brand drinking whiskey over his head.

In "Stop, Jammer Time", Billy seems to have turned to the dark side when he had to serve a court sentence for a "arm robbery."



Billy Morton has died a few times in the show.


  • Billy Morton was originally going to make a physical appearances in the episodes "Bubba Trubba", "Terminus Trouble", and "Rebel with a Claus" but were scrapped, though, he is mentioned in the latter episode.
    • Deleted scenes featuring him in these episodes are available on the Volume One DVD.
  • Billy's shirt was originally going to be colored brown instead of green.
  • In the episode "Sharif", Billy's football has a skeleton, despite the ball being a object.