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Biscuit is a dog that was originally named "Billie" that was a pet owned by Glenn, and his family. He appears in the episodes "Thanks-Taking", and makes a small cameo in "The Guzzle Bumpkin".


Prior to the events of "Thanks-Taking", Glenn, and his children had a pet dog named "Billie", but Biscuit ended up getting lost in the town of Dougal County one day, and the family had to search for him, and putting "Lost Dog" posters on walls.

In the episode, for the holiday of Thanksgiving, he found the dog in the trash, speaking only in barks, and found a missing poster of him, but rips it up, and starts to love him. He decides to spend Thanksgiving with him since he can't do that with his wife, and son on the said holiday, and Rusty introduces Biscuit to his family members Early, and Granny, calling him his new dog.

According to Rusty, he is a perfectly healthy dog. Early told that he is going write him a script of some horse tranquilizers. Rusty mentioned that he wanted celebrate Thanksgiving in the year like a real family with Biscuit being a part of it.

As Billie is renamed "Biscuit", he is seen in a doggy bed next to a bag of dog food. Rusty pulls out his heart-worm medicine which Early chops up.

Early threw a turkey at Biscuit, and then chews, and eats it. As much of Rusty's display, Early was going to have some "Turk-dog-et", this leads to Rusty thinking that Early, and Granny are going to eat the said dog for Thanksgiving, but interrupted by Early telling him that Rusty can have sex with the dog, and nobody bats his damn eye. Early said he try to toeata a dog, and everyone was up in arms, making Rusty concerned that he had sex with a dog, but never do it to Biscuit. Early said he didn't want to get emotionally connected with the dog, and that the dog was a "valuable source of protein, not a casual roll in the hay", Rusty leaves Biscuit, so he won't let Early, and Granny near him.

Later in the episode, Rusty has his own Thanksgiving with him in his car but as Rusty prays, Biscuit has his collar get pulled by him, due to him eating some pumpkin pie, and told not to have a piece until Rusty finishes his prayer. Sheriff does end up interrupting his Thanksgiving, while the dog continues to try to sniff, and eat the leftover food.

Sheriff mentioned he was getting complains from Black Friday shoppers outside Ballmart that the dog is in his vehicle with his rollers up, as Biscuit continues to eat, as Rusty told the Sheriff that Biscuit had nowhere to go.

Rusty wondered if he could watch him for a couple of hours, but Sheriff had security, and mentioned if he had a tracking chip under his skin, meaning he can track him down, to get his shift done.

Rusty mentioned that there is no point of a rescue dog, if he isn't equipped with one, as Rusty lets Biscuit go, and tells Biscuit that he is better with him in his life, Rusty pulls Biscuit out, Rusty gives him his own hoverboard.

The upset dog drives away until he is found by his owners Glenn, and his children. But as Glenn discovers that his nametag says "Biscuit" instead of "Billie", and this makes him take the dog to Early, and Granny, making Glenn's children cry in his car, and tell his children that Billie was a good dog, and he misses him.

Biscuit eventually ended up being cooked, and served for Thanksgiving, and eaten by Early, and Granny. Rusty came back in the morning knowing that Biscuit was given away, since he didn't want to raise him in a unloving environment, as for people that wanted to eat him for dinner.

Early mentioned he isn't in danger to them no more, Rusty mentioned he had Thanksgiving without him, Rusty eats a part of Biscuit, but as Granny slated it was Meatloaf. Sheriff opens the door because he has a tracking device for Biscuit, as he uses it points to a dead skeletal corpse of Biscuit, revealing the truth of Biscuit's disappearance, and death.



  • Biscuit was based on the late Phil Samson's dog named "Biscuit Samson", who was born on 4/1/2000 but died on 6/22/2016. Biscuit's memorial with a picture of him is seen during the credits as this episode was dedicated to the dog.
  • Biscuit's death was later referenced in the episode "There's Sucker Porn Every Minute" as Early mentions it was eaten for thanksgiving.