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Mark ATHF Foster Mark ATHF Foster 11 April

To Do List

Here is a To Do List of all of the pages I going to edit, and I want to do in the future. As of note, I'm revisited every episode of the show, and taking more pictures of more images, including replacing images such as episode thumbnails.

  • 1 Character Pages (revisiting)
    • 1.1 Recurring/Supporting
    • 1.2 Minor
  • 2 Locations
  • 3 Other
  • 4 Upcoming Pages
    • 4.1 General
    • 4.2 Characters
    • 4.3 Locations & Objects

  • The Mexicans (gallery)
  • Steve (grammar)
  • Randy (description and grammar)
  • Circle Shaped Man (gallery)
  • Thin Bank Employee (gallery)
  • Prisoners (grammar)
  • Strippers (grammar)
  • Sheila (Description) (Info-box image)
  • Prisoner / Tattoo Parlor (Description)
  • Kyle Nubbins (grammar)

  • Rooster (grammar, gallery)
  • Golden Griffin (remove gallery)
  • Deep Fried Pine Booby
  • General Robert E. Lee (Biography and Pe…

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Noodle Jax Noodle Jax 22 June 2016


Is it true that there is going to be another squidbillies season? That would awesome if it's true.

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Blindmag565 Blindmag565 29 September 2015


Yay 2 seasons are mine!!! yeah!!!

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Electric Skrill Electric Skrill 14 October 2013

User Rights requests

User rights of any kind(except buraucrat rights) will be granted.


  • Must have at least 50 edits
  • Have not vandalized this wiki
  • Must be trustworthy.
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Coronaholic Coronaholic 15 August 2009

Complaints are fine

If you have anything bad to say about this wiki, say it and it will be changed

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