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Blondie Stripper is a minor character in Squidbillies. She is voiced by Blondie Strange.


Blondie Stripper, as her implies, is a stripper at The Jiggle Hut, with blonde hair, big lips, and eyelashes, and wearing red high heels, and an American themed bikini. She is often seen stripping with other characters such as Dan Halen, Early Cuyler, Leroy, and Sheriff. While her real name is never mentioned, she was called "Blondie", on two occasions by Early and Leroy respectively.

Episode Appearances[]

"Rich Dan, Poor Dan"[]

Blondie Stripper made her first appearace, where she was stripping for Dan Halen, while the latter drinks beer, in a glass cup, and talks about his recent bankruptcy. After it was over, the stripper then stated it was a nice story, and asks for 20 bucks, while calling him "sugar", Dan then told her to send the invoice to Melissa, as they pay Net 30, while putting the card into his panties.

She looks at the card, while Dan tells her that "Net 60 for you, though you're a new vendor", she then calls for Ellis to kick out Dan Halen, but the latter tells them to "wait" and gets out his dead man lamp to take instead of him, and asks "And why don't you plug it in, maybe shed a little light on the mistakes, that led you to shed your clothes for a living!", as he is then carried away by Ellis, but interuppted by Early, who covers it, and gives the blonde stripper, and two other strippers, dollar bills, with this said stripper thanking him, also calling him "baby", while he gives her more dollars for some "fancy-ass" party liquor, with gold flakes on it, which he'll have that, and later on, she puts the said party liquor bottle on the table, that Dan drinks and gets drunk off of.

"Scorn on the 4th of July"[]

She is seen stripping with Leroy, because of a free veterans only dance for him, due to the latter being a veteran that served, Leroy told her that he can apperciate her trying, while Ellis gives Leroy a free drink. Later on, after Early lies about serving, the stripper then thanks Early and shows him her breasts, and then Early states that he love them "meat bags." He also lights firecrackers and holds two small American flags.

"Zen and the Art of Truck-Boat-Truck Maintenance"[]

Early sees and tells her to bring him an ice-cold kabuchi, if she heard, as she is wearing a Virigin mask on her face.


She is once again seen at the Jiggle Hut, when Sharif is depressed, due to his most prized possesion was stolen, and asks him "Hey, baby, whatchu need", Sharif then mentioned that he didn't know how "this" works, but he ain't got nothing to live for, so he might as well see a butt and some boobies at least once before he dies, but for only over 10 dollars, but Sharif gves her a card for 1% cash back on qualifying purchases instead, she then calls Ellis, who is a DJ and changes up the song on is own DJ set, while Sharif covers his arms to protect himself, but the stripper then strips for him by organizing his legs and arms, the stripper then mentioned that she couldn't "find it", and asked "where it is?", which he mentioned it in his abdomen, which retracts when he is upset.

While the stripper strips for Sharif, Ellis gave Sharif one Virgin Mississipi Mud Slide, which he does slurp and later on gets a brain freeze from the said drink. Ellis and the stripper eventually run away from Sharif after he fired his handgun in the bar.



  • When Dan Halen was talking about his recent bankruptcy to her, he mentioned what he was thinking, and that he should have stuck with his core business, stating the basics, which were Tape, mud, and gypsum. He continued to drink his beer and asks himself "But no, you had to have more", and states "And now you don't have a pot to piss in."