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Blue Lives Battered is the seventh episode from the twelfth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on September 8th, 2019 on [adult swim]

Synopsis []

A social media stunt nearly costs Sherriff his life. 


Sheriff and Denny have a little squabble about getting the most traffic for videos posted on their favorite video streaming network. The only successful video he published was the one in which Early tries to escape from the sheriff by ending up in a serious accident. The video goes viral, making Early one of the most popular drivers in the area. The video becomes a point of contention between the two. Denny threatens to file a complaint against Early, so the latter talks to the Sheriff himself.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter" 
  • "Blue Lives Matter" 


Theme Song Performer[]


  • The episode's title parodies the phrase "Blue Lives Matter", a meaning associated with the livelihood of cops. Early mentioned that he brought a hat with the said name on it.
  • A full video of Denny flossing can be found as an extra clip on Adult Swim's website. Along with this, a 10-hour version was uploaded to the official Adult Swim YouTube channel. 
    • The video is called "Dancin' Denny DESTROYS!!!".
    • Denny's video in the show has gotten five hits so far.
    • Near the end of the episode, Glenn tells Early if he seen this video, which he claims is "pretty funny." Early mentioned the video goes on a long time, due to it being a gif, which Early thought it was pronounced as "jif" and says word's letters. Glenn mentions the word stands for "Graphics Interchange Format."
  • Plumber Bubba, from the episode "Bubba Trubba", makes a cameo on the Sheriff's television. This is his first reappearance in the show since the episode "Armageddon It On!".
    • Plumber Bubba: "You can do anything with duct tape, from waxing your bikini area."
    • Sheriff mentioned that was the same joke, and he didn't steal it, while Plumber Bubba proceeds to take off his clothes and throws duct tape in the air, while Sheriff covers the screen, and tries to turn off the television. This joke started when Sheriff duct taped his television remotes and turned on the television.
  • Sheriff's username is "Sharif UNLEASHED".
    • Meanwhile, Denny's username is "You with O D D ? ? (Officer Dancin' Denny)".
  • A cat is photo-shopped in Sheriff's man-cave video, a picture depiction of Sheriff's mother is seen.
    • The images of a television and DVD, say "stock image", this implies Sheriff used stock images for the objects.
  • Thumbnails of Sheriff's other videos can be seen, having captions such as "LOL COP PRANKS!!,", "Chocolate Yum!! Challenge!!", "BALLMART HAUL," and "ASMR GUN CLEANING - SUPER TINGLES."
    • A news report video with the Sheriff and a thumbnail of the Granite Caverns can be seen.
    • In the credits of Sheriff's Man-Cave video, Sheriff directed, written, and produced the video, the word "produced" is also misspelled as "prodcued" in the credits.
    • Sheriff would later on record to make a video called "This is Me Whupin Sharuf's Stupid Ass!!!! Whooo!!!!", however, due to an incident with Early, the latter posted it on his channel.
  • The word "bullsh*t" is uncensored in this episode, when said by Denny.
    • Deputy Denny: "People don't want this boring bullsh*t on their feed."
    • Denny also thinks people want action like his YouTube video.
  • "Denny for President" is seen on one of Denny's videos, this is a reference to the "A Jailhouse Divided".
  • When recording his video, he refers to his viewers as "Web Deputies." He said this earlier in the episode, as he thinks that his web deputies are gonna love it, thinking its "good and fresh."
  • Sheriff has his own GPS, seen in his Police car.
  • Sheriff mentioned that the only bar in town had just closed, it's unknown what bar he is referring to, it could most likely be The Jiggle Hut.
  • Early was a chasing a deer in the forest, which runs past Sheriff's police car, while Early drinks while driving, and his truck jumps above Sheriff and his car.
  • A family, with one of them being a sleeping baby. is briefly seen on the road.
  • When Sheriff is chasing Early, to pursuit him, who is driving his truck on the road backwards, in a very fast manner, before his truck jackknifes, and is off the road, Sheriff mentioned that Early has a possible DUI, after the latter throws a bottle of beer at his window of his Police car. The reason why Early is driving backwards is because that he can't see his plates, according to Sheriff.
  • Early throws a bottle of his beer out of his truck away, he then exits via seatbelt to the ground, Sheriff then mentioned that he is going conduct a field sobriety test on the subject.
  • Sheriff notes to edit some fun music while he is next to a drunken Early, who thinks Sharif is talking to his own Police car, which he thinks is a talking car, also thinking that the car is a robot, and that Early lose three jobs to robots, and is about to pay for the race that it done to Early, he then proceeds to damage his tentacle hands. Sheriff then takes him to get into the shot, because he is making a viral video for the internet.
  • Early's Truck Nuts return again, which he brings to beat Sharif with, in his video. When he beats him up, Early tells him "It's a damn trailer-hitch tea bag for you!".
    • Denny also references the nuts, as big balls to crush Sharif's skull with.
    • Later in the episode, the Truck Nuts is covered with blood on it, and Early gives him it, while the latter gives it to Sharif to wail him, which he tries to but can't as he cries.
  • After beating up Sheriff in the video, which he later calls a "roadside beatdown", Early realizes that he beaten Sharif, he then asks about beer bottle, which calls a "stupid-ass brown drink", he then enters the Police car, and accidently calls Denny for assistance, which Denny asks what he is doing in Sharif's patrol car, which he is to immediate a Molly Hatchet song.
  • The reason why Sheriff was sent to the Hospital is because, Early beaten him up in his video, and was ran over by Early, driving his patrol car.
  • The work office that Early and Glenn are watching videos on their computers in, which is seen in this episode, is the same work room from "Rich Dan, Poor Dan."
    • Ironically, Dan Halen suffered through bankruptcy in that episode.
  • Early's username on his channel is "Early's TV Picture Internet Computer Monitor Films". His YouTube icon is his face.
  • This episode also references to the episode"Not Without My Cash Cow!", "The Big E", "Vicki", "Cooler-Heads Prevail", which was the previous episode, and "Debased Ball", on the videos section next to Early's new YouTube video.
  • Glenn mentioned that Sharif is drinking a lot, like Early, these days, with every meal through a tube.
  • A few Teeny Weenies Plushies are seen in this episode, in a hospital room, alongside a teddy bear, various flowers, candles, drawings, cards for Sharif to feel better, and two pictures of Sharif, one is small, with him and Denny showed on it, and an another picture of Sharif is large.
  • Early mentioned that Denny doesn't have to play the "blame-game", even after Early's video.
  • When Sheriff tells Early that he is almost killed him, Early claims it to be "locker-room shenanigan's."
  • Early drank pills and thinned his own blood from and increase his own blood pressure, as he inflates with blood splattering out of his body and onto the Hospital's walls. When he walks out of the room, he calls it "pretty-good buzz", which tells her that.
  • Sharif was given clutches, which is a walker, although Granny takes off the tennis balls of the clutches, which is "too much drag coefficient." Granny was also teaching Sharif to use the walker for walking.
  • Granny has her own core, and told Sharif to build it up, when hopping in the clutches, while the former says "Hup!". Though, Sharif falls this, by falling over.
  • Early comes up to Sharif, on how he is feeling, but it isn't none of his beeswax, which the latter heard, when the former asks him a second time.
  • Since Sharif has been a "pussy" about everything, Early got him a robot chair, which was given to the Cuyler's by the Government so Granny can get up on the stairs.
  • Interestingly, Early mentions that they never built a second floor in their house, despite the robot chair, in which Granny's head hits onto the celling of the house, while Granny tries to tell him to "stop" it, while Early continues to move the switch up and down. When Granny asks Sharif to take it, the celling then cracks, thus creating a hole, and Granny falls out of the house. Early told her to stay in her room and leave them alone, claiming that he is hanging out with Sharif, which he isn't, despite Ruby not having a room of any kind. She isn't seen for the rest of the episode.
  • Sharif mentioned that he didn't want to take Charity from him.
  • Sheriff then starts to hang out with Rusty, since he isn't doing this with Early. Rusty is also picking his nose, as he is wrestling up for dinner. When asked about hanging out together, he claims that he is old as hell and fat and handicapped, which happens.
  • Sheriff called Early a "real drama queen" to Rusty, he then said "speak to the Hand, 'cause the heart not open to him right now", while claiming that Early was his BFF (best-friends forever), but now his BFITP, which is his best friend in the past, and two snaps up. Rusty then asks about Sheriff that what is all Sharif and Early do when they hang out, which is talking about feelings and sh*t, the latter word is once again uncensored. Sheriff does this, while Early only listens, claiming that he is a captive audience, since he is mostly captive in his own jail.
  • When a circle of blood is dripping on Sheriff's uniform, he mentions his stitches.
  • When Rusty meets up with Tammi, Sharif says "hey" to Tammi, which Rusty previously did, Sharif then calls Rusty a "BFFIPOE", as it stands for "That's best friend forever in place of Early."
  • Before meeting up with Tammi, Sharif mentions if Rusty's dates are like his, which would be over pretty over quick.
  • The reason why Rusty visits Tammi in this episode is because this night is his date night with Tammi. However, this was actually a lie told by Rusty, since it was such a chore to hang out with Sharif, claiming that he is a "damn" fifth wheel. After Sheriff asks about this, Rusty mentioned that he mean that every car's got to have one of them little spare tires, when saying this into the window of the trailer, claiming that he is a spare tire. Sheriff then mentions that he never spare a tire with Early because he was the only wheel on the unicycle joyride of friendship.
  • According to Tammi, while showing the video that Early made on YouTube on a cellphone, Early disrespected Sharif, and as of last night, over 4 1/2 people have LOLed at the video on the website. His pride is currently shallowed, and worse than his body. Meanwhile, Sharif falls over on the porch, and the clutches does the same thing, and his pant's falls down, exposing the backside of his butt and legs, making him yell, and ask that the porch needs a ramp. Sharif also says "sh*t", thinking his pride wasn't that, before falling over.
  • Macho Man Randy Cuyler doesn't appear in this episode.
  • The reason why Early said "blue lives matter" is because his is blue in the damn face, as seen on his hat. Early also thinks he is butt-hurt.
  • Denny shows both his flossing video and Early's video on his cellphone. Denny tells him to apologize or press charges.
  • When Early understands Rusty and Denny, he then says "Pussy baby needs to be babied." Early called that because he thinks that he is a "pussy."
  • While traveling to the Sheriff's Office, Early, and Rusty ride into the Police car and Denny drives it via steering wheel.
  • As this episode, Early, and Sharif's friendship has currently returned, after making a video of him and Sheriff reuniting together, Denny does this too.
    • The video is also called "RE-United & Damn Excited!!!!", which Early cries to, and tells Glenn to check it out, with a new link.
    • Glenn mentions the video as of three dudes hugging, while he then unsubscribes from Early's channel.
  • After Glenn says what "Gif" stands for, Early mentioned that he called that "long-neck jungle creature what eat leaves out a trees a giraffe", but pronounces it as "gir-raff."
    • Glenn then said it depends if it stand for "Graphics Interchange-Raff", because if it does, then maybe it is a "gir-raff." Early ends up calling it a "JIF."
  • Once again, this episode doesn't have a credit sequence, as the ending sequence is Deputy Denny's YouTube video of him flossing.
  • In September 2020, this episode and the episode "Southern Pride and Prejudice" were both excluded from HBO Max, and Adultswim.com in the wake of the BLM movement. One month after Unknown Hinson, Early's voice actor, was fired by Adult Swim for his racist comments towards the said movement, alongside country singer Dolly Parton.
    • Despite being the episode banned, some episode clips, such as the "Man-Cave", appear on Adultswim.com, and YouTube, and the episode is still available on Amazon Prime.
    • Clips from this episode would ironically be recalled in "Zen and the Art of Truck-Boat-Truck Maintenance," completely redubbed by Tracy Morgan.

References & Allusions[]

  • While its been unconfirmed, videos of Early, Sharif, and Denny are being posted on YouTube, or a parody of the website.
  • Early mentions a Molly Hatchet song, which plays when he is about to drive the Police car and drive into Sharif and run over him, while driving on the road.
  • The Cheyenne Cinnamon's unicorn Teeny Weenie plush returns again.
  • Netflix and chill, in reference to the phrase, is mentioned by Sheriff, after Rusty mentions that he is late and has to go to Tammi's. Rusty mentioned that "it" ain't like that, even though, Sheriff saw it on the internet, which he didn't know what it means, and he thought it was a drug thing when asking him, while Rusty runs away from him. Sharif mentions this later on, when Rusty is heading into Tammi's trailer, as he states that he wants to "Netflix and chill" without him, which he looked it up, while he hangs out on the porch, until date night is over.
    • When Sheriff says "Netflix and chill", he winks at Rusty, using his left eye.
    • He winks a second time before Rusty closes Tammi's door.