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Bobby is a minor character in Squidbillies. He is voiced by Billy Wayne Davis.


Bobby is a Caucasian-skinned human that wears a blue outfit with a blue shirt, pants, white tie, a brown belt, and brown shoes. Bobby has brown hair, with a ponytail, all over his head and has a goatee, with a small mustache and eyebrows on his face. He has a American-styled nametag.


Bobby is a Ballmart worker that works at Ballmart, who is shown to be very strict with certain policies in Ballmart such as Early being in the women's restroom, to keep it safe from men going in there for the women, while Sharif is checking on it and tells him to relax, Galvin greeting people at Ballmart's doors, including Granny, due to her not being on the Ballmart's "do not greet" list and Early bringing his Sasquatch Cooler into the building, due to the cooler's gases smoking up the building, telling him to get out or buy something at the store. When Leroy thought Bobby was talking to him due to Galvin's greeting, Leroy mentioned that he was hired for Ballmart to be the official greeter, but Leroy wasn't to talking him since he was talking to Galvin.

Lifetime Bans[]

In "One Man Banned", he is heavily responsible for doing lifetime bans of several people such as Early, Rusty, Granny, Sharif, Tammi, and Glenn, in Ballmart, due to the lack of freedom in Ballmart, and kicking them out for several reasons.

  • Early Cuyler - Due to his freedom of speech, such as doing blackmail and defamation, with him also becoming a true threat to the store, by trying to blow it up, with hot dog franks tied to a clock, as he trying to grab to steal free samples of shrimp from Krystal. Early also stole all of the shrimp later on, while disguised as a horse, and was then caught. Though, Early did mention that he did learn his lesson, despite still being banned from the store. At first, he was escorted by Sharif and Denny out of the store, then later on, he was escort by just Denny, because Sharif was banned too.
  • Granny and Rusty - They were kicked out two times with the two disguising themselves to get into the store, such as a man and a horse, while Bobby trapped the latter disguise in a empty pool. Granny also needed morning-after pills and diet Pineapple soda to wash the former down with.
  • Tammi - At one point, Bobby hid behind a bunch gallons of diet Pineapple soda, when Tammi was shopping. Now obviously, the diet Pineapple soda was loved by everyone that shopped Ballmart, except the squids, though Granny needed them, and he caught Tammi's secret by shopping with the squids, as Tammi spits out the liquid of one of the diet soda gallons that Bobby gave her, resulting in a lifetime ban for her. He also took her picture on a cellphone when she got caught. She was then taken away by Sharif and Denny. She is now "Persona Au Gratin!", meaning a "person with cheese" in a different language which Tammi states that Bobby doesn't know what that means, and tells her not to get all high Fallujah with him.
  • Sharif - Eating fiesta mix from a sealed tub, thinking it was free samples and Bobby assumes that he was thinking that everything is free because he has a badge, while taking off Tom Clancy novels off the shelfs by reading them into the bathroom, one dump at a time, with fiesta mix fingerprints on the pages.
  • Glenn/The Banisher - Opening a cereal box called "Frooty Puffz" and possibly the store's ban of weapons such as guns.
    • Bobby also asks who invited the "midlife-crisis militia?", which he calls Glenn that, after he comes over when Sharif gets a lifetime ban.



  • When Tammi was taken away by Sharif and Denny, Bobby mentioned that he and Tammi used to go to the same public school.