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Boyd's Convenience Store is a recurring location in Squidbillies.


This is a convenience store located in the town section of Dougal County that is seen in numerous episodes of the show.

The convenience store is owned by a elderly clerk named Boyd, with the store selling some products like a record player, drinks, or bags of chips. However, Early is often seen robbing Boyd's store in many episodes. He also has been arrested for "arm robbery" thirty-seven times, according to the episode "Muscadine Wine". This has been happening ever since the pilot episode.

The exterior of the convenience store is rarely shown. Though, some episodes, the store's interior and layout changes to something else such as Glug in "Office Politics Trouble", and pedophile merchandise seen in "Tween Steam".


The store is a small room with floor and walls that are colored in browns and plain, a checker board floor is underneath. There is a desk with a gray cash register. The sides have the word "lottery" on it. The other side has a half naked woman on it and the word "gum". A brown shelve with comic books are right next to the desk. Boxes of bottles of sodas are also next to the desk. Behind the desk there is a desk with a cabinet with knifes in glass and it saying "sharp". A calendar, a another paper on the wall saying "bro". A paper of hair six brush on the wall, black is also seen. After Ballmart was given by Dan Halen, the store closed down, leaving a empty room except for the hair brush paper left intact on the wall.

In "The Pharaoh's Wad", many cabinets of drinks, and beer were seen along a Rusty poster saying "Chil [Heart] Inside") (in reference to the episode "Tween Steam") and a different comics shelf. Also a "Egyptian machine" called "The Pharaoh's Wad" was placed in the store, which Early had a addiction to. However, it was replaced by a claw machine at the end of the episode.

In the episode "Cephalo-ectomy", a rocket coin machine is was located in the store, the store is a small square shaped store, it is colored purple, with square shaped windows, a blue slider door, two short blue shapes in between the door, lamps on the building, and next to the building, posters for a basketball, and a rectangle, a gray thing is seen at the right. The blue squares around the building top are saying "hoses, combs, toys, hoes, gum, and lottery". The top is colored gray.


  • The convenience store's location changes in many episodes. In "The Pharaoh's Wad" for example, it is located out of the city with a grassy filed outside, but in the previous episode it was located in the middle of the city. In earlier episodes like in "Office Politics Trouble" with the Glug ads, the building was a regular purple store. This store may have been renovated. However, despite these changes, the store's interior doesn't change at all.
  • In the "Ballmart" episode, which was released in 2011, the store has a sign saying "thanx for 52 great years", suggesting at the time, the store was 52 years old, meaning this store has been around in Dougal County for over 52 years.
    • It may be currently over 62 years old as of the year 2021.
  • In "Scorn on the 4th of July", it was revealed that the convenience store was turned into a Halloween Store, with Tammi working there, as her new and current job.


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