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Bubba Trubba is the ninth episode from the second season of Squidbillies. It first aired on November 12, 2006 on [Adult Swim].


Comedian Plumber Bubba (a parody of Larry the Cable Guy) does a show in town.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Do It To It'


Guest Appearances[]


  • Plumber Bubba's antics during his nighttime show are an animated parody of Larry The Cable Guy.
  • Its revealed that Lil Cuyler has knowledge toward Plumber Bubba's shows.
  • This is the second time a clone of the Sheriff is seen, the first being in "Double Truckin' the Tricky Two".
  • The scene where Early has a ticket to Plumber Bubba's show and Rusty punching Granny, was previously seen in a flashback in the previous episode "Asses To Ashes, Sluts to Dust" except the differences are that Early wears trucker hat related to Plumber Bubba instead of his usual "Booty Hunter" trucker hat (shown in the flashback) and the black tape cassette player (used when the family listens to Plumber Bubba's shows) can be seen. This flashback is also played in slow motion, while in this episode, Rusty punches Granny very fast. Its possible that flashback foreshadows this particular scene. The ticket to Plumber Bubba's show is also visible in the said episode flashback.
    • A interesting thing to note is that on the ticket that Early is holding mentions that it would be live at the VFW, which is not true because the nighttime show happened in the Reverend's own church. Also the VFW doesn't appear as a location in Dougal County until the latter half of the show's third season.
  • On the tape cassette player, Plumber Bubba mentions froggy talk for Nazi's to come in and help themselves to the cheese. Which Granny claims that she skewered in French.
  • The words "Consealel weapon" and a drawing of a pistol appear on a clone of Sharif's shorts.
  • The object that the Sheriff used to hit the Sheriff clone tapped (it was duck tape) in a chair and has a rope around his neck was a silver baseball bat while hiding behind a tree. (He also claimed the chair that he was duck tapped on to be his ejector seat.)
  • Sheriff had a little plane crash, probably faking his death and injury to Early and Rusty and pretend to rest, but later telling them that their going to pay for this tonight by God.
  • The jokes that Plumber Bubba tells in his show are that he told is Hummersine pilot to drive him over yonder down to his vineyard in Nantucket for his new zeppelin launch and he came back to him saying "a-dicka-dicka-gloppa-gobba-ding-dong." He told him that he was from Dubai. Then he tells him to buy a plane ticket their, and called him a "towel-totin' camel-kicker." He later come to learn that "dicka-globba-ding-dong" was over here just getting away from the oppression of his homeland, then he turned to him and says "you're free now, my friend" which was free to get a cow pie off the bottom of his wrestling boots and grab himself a popsicle stick to scrape it out and jokes about his showing his buttcrack. These jokes caused the audience to burst into laughter. But the audience gasp and are turned off when Plumber Bubba reveals his foot to be large reptilian hook leg.
  • Its possible that the Wolves, Squirrels, and the imposter who killed Patrick Swayze are actually residents in Dougal County, since the two species, and the imposter, attend Plumber Bubba's show.
    • An animated version of Sketch Quinn and his wife makes a appearance in the audience.
  • "Vise Grips" are yelled out at by Granny and the audience.
  • Plumber Bubba has his own wrench which he dropped.
  • The merchandise table of Plumber Bubba has medium sized red hand gloves, tape cassettes, bobble heads and country mind helmets related to Plumber Bubba. Lil wears the latter, which the helmet can start vibrating and Rusty presses a button to make it work for Lil. This ends up backfiring when Lil's brain is stolen. Granny does this too.
  • In a UFO, when Plumber Bubba is straying a stray can in order to pretend to that it is a twisted checkerboard flying into a blackhole on the talons on a eagle, the background displays an image of an eagle holding a yellow banning saying "Live free or die" in its mouth while holding a checkboard blackhole.
  • Granny thought the rapture was happening when the UFO carrying Plumber Bubba crash landed on the ground of the Cuyler house.
  • Plumber Bubba is revealed to be alien, have large reptilians legs, a large purple monster mouth, and from the Planet "Ala Bama", sounding like Alabama.
  • A bathtub seen in the Cuyler house is on top of a stove, which is tangled in rope.
  • The Alien Elders wanted to steal all the brains of his supposedly hyperintelligent fans (then later revealed that the Elders chose the south because he liked the southern food and asinine folk art) and if all matter was destroyed, it would leave only a Memorial Day weekend.
    • The machine that a brown alien Elder is next to says "buy meemaw some smokes" and "the rock for president", which appear in green text.
  • A picture of a pig and the words "T-E B-B-Q" can be seen on the red wall in the background when Plumber Bahah also tried to eat Glenn's wife holding beer and was sitting next to a black and white table, which is knocked over.
  • Some background imagery (including the blue tent covering the ultimate weapon made by the elders, similar to the Meth Lab) from the episode "Meth O.D. to My Madness", is used when we see some Alien Elders working onscreen, in fact that episode was produced as the seventh episode of the season while this episode was produced two episodes before this episode was produced as the ninth episode of Season 2.
  • Granny is revealed to absorb Bubba's space fluids and uses subtitles. Her eyes are also visible.
  • The booklet or card that one of the elders had said "Plumber Bubba live!" "At the boat show" "August 30". The image displays a boat coming out of Plumber Bubba's ass.
  • The space fluids took form as a floating red orb to let Bubba absorb it.
  • Various objects are used for a ultimate weapon created by the elders, most notably medium sized wheels, a green tractor, a pig prop (having "USA" on it), a small confederate flag, a satellite dish, a fan, beer, a shotgun, and a fishing hook. One of the elders was told to slap the pig's ass to make the machine to work. Early and Rusty later drives the machine after slapping the pig's ass but it crashes into a tree and explosion happens causing the machine to be destroyed.
  • The real-world countries Japan and India are mentioned and the elders thought the brains are there.
  • One of the Elders has a p-letter frying pan and had a paper mentioning a chicken and dumpling Toby Keith gravy grit.
  • In a unfinished delete scene found on the Squidbillies Volume 1 DVD, Plumber Bubba's audience was completely different, the people included in this audience were.