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Burned and Reburned Again is the tenth episode from the second season of Squidbillies. It first aired on November 19, 2006 on [Adult Swim].


Early and Krystal reconcile, but it doesn't go well. After she cheated on him with .38 Special, he demands on the marriage councilor.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Damn I'm Good"
  • "Squid Hat"
  • "Remember 9-111, irregular"
  • "Breathe if you're Horny" (Flashback)
  • "Booty Hunter (briefly appears in a flashback)
  • "Cards" (Flashback)


Guest Appearances[]


  • "Burned"
  • "Caught Up In You" by .38 Special


  • This is one of the first times Krystal is seen wearing other types of clothes, this episode also reveals why Krystal is Early's ex-wife and wanted over five white colored babies from Early that are the same color and leave them in a hot car while she plays video poker (which she dreamed about when she was a little girl.)
    • This is the first time she is seen living at the Cuyler House which is temporary.
    • This also marks the second time Lil is seen laying down on the ground, she does this a lot in her later appearances. This first happened in "Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust." According to Granny, Lil has was out for a couple of days.
  • Sheriff is shown wearing his own black dress so he is dressed as lady for Early's fake date in the Gas Station bathroom.
  • Glenn's Wife is seen holding a cinderblock and a key to Early's heart after she enters the bathroom door.
  • The erotic oil in the bathroom of the gas station has the words "oooh lala" written in red letters in case that things heat up for Early's fake date.
  • The card that Glenn's Wife mentions it from "ww.RateaMataeWife.com" and has a picture a man from a truck giving a victory sign with his fingers and his name is depicted as "Early Smokey Cuyler", his age is 23, his height is 6' 2, and his weight is 12.
  • Before Donna leaves the gas station via car, after seeing that her date was Early and Sheriff disguised as a fake woman, its implied that she was looking for a date. Donna would later a husband named "Glenn" later on starting with the episode "A Sober Sunday." Not counting her ex-husband, who appeared in some episodes and first seen with her in "Take This Job & Love It" prior to "S2E13."
  • The bathroom entrance to the gas station heavily resembles the interior of the Sheriff's Office.
  • This is the first episode to have the Gibson logo during the credits.
  • Early's flashbacks are from the episodes "This Show is Called Squidbillies" (most notably a flashback of Krystal and Snakeman coming out of a outhouse from sex and Krystal and Snakeman kissing) and "Family Trouble", two hats from those episodes reappear.
    • Early's "Remember 9-111, irregular" trucker hat from the episode "Meth O.D. to My Madness" makes an appearance.
    • Snakeman's only appearance in this episode is in these flashbacks.
  • Some of Early's fantasies depicted him lighting a rocket in Rusty's butt and him at The Jiggle Hut holding a jug of beer next to the legs of a stripper on a pole and is seen looking down on himself.
    • The stripper's underwear is not visible in the fantasy.
  • When Early is driving his truck, his eyes are sour and covers them with glasses and wears a glove, which only fits half of his tentacle.
  • A briefly visible black colored flag of a shotgun is visible on some shots when Early drives his Truck-Boat-Truck to some fields to the junkyard.
  • Like the episode "Office Politics Trouble" Krystal is shown holding a "Sip Ultra", from previously drinking it before Early's visits her.
  • Krystal's body is seen being carried, similar to the previously mentioned "S2E8", also both episodes have Krystal break a piece of property, in this case, she crashes from the Cuyler House creating a big hole.
  • A mannequin leg is from some trash that came out of the trash can Early dumps out.
  • While Early throws a tire into the outhouse, some of its interior is seen, a picture of tires and one of the words saying "sale" is visible.
  • Early is shown to like sucking the toes of Krystal.
  • When Krystal claims that her son Rusty is too old, Rusty is seen pulling his tongue at a lawnmower engine before he injures his own tongue.
    • She also claims that she has to save her energy by watching television and pulls a TV remote to turn it on.
  • On the television, a voice can be heard saying "Why don't you lay off the booze, pal" and an another voice is heard saying the name "Phooey."
  • A shed is mentioned in the episode twice, but never seen and the latter shows Early with tires marks on his face from making out with one. He is most likely referring to the outhouse.
  • When Early headed out to work at Dan Halen Sheet Rock International very quickly, he entered the office to drink coffee but then he kicks his coffee mug into Glenn's groin.
  • All of the members of .38 Special all portrayed themselves in this episode, this is one of the first times in the series where real world celebrities portrayed as animated characters is shown in a episode. The other was Shawn Coleman.
  • Early stolen the tires from Sheriff's police car and his police truck, he screw drives the tires in the latter, only for him to mate with it in the outhouse.
  • The credits don't play the usual Squidbillies theme, but instead it plays the .38 Special song "Caught Up In You."

References & Allusions[]

  • The metal can that Krystal puts her own bra in and that Rusty thinks is a video game and he plays with it, the metal can has the words "Dig Dug" on it, now this is obviously a reference to the 1982 arcade game called Dig Dug, which was made by Namco Bandai.
  • Early tries to look like Burt Reynolds from the Smokey and the Bandit (1977) movie series.