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Cherries Jubilee is a minor character in Squidbillies.


Cherries Jubilee is a dancer that works at The Jiggle Hut, which Early Cuyler told Ellis to look at, when he asks about his dancers could stand to be a litle more flexible, since he thought that she moved like a scarecrow, when the Jubilee tries to dance for Randy, but accidently hits him instead. Ellis then mentioned a "Ugh!" because he begged her to take a break, after the tractor rolled on to her, but she got them bills, which suggests that she got rolled over by a tractor, which explains her current appearance. Like a dancer, that resembles, and the Blondie Stripper, she is wearing a Virigin mask on her face. She also has eyelashes, with blue colored eyelids, and wears purple panties and red high heels.

Her real name is unknown, but was called "Cherries Jubilee" by Early.