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Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge (often shortened to Cheyenne Cinnamon) is an American animated television series pilot from Adult Swim, which was co-created by Dave Willis, and Matt Harrigan. Clips, objects such as a dolls, plushies, sleeping hat, a ring, and blankets, and references of the show appear in various episodes of Squidbillies. Cheyenne Cinnamon, and her unicorn appear as fictional characters seen on merchandise.

This show started being to referenced in the episode "Atone Deaf", with footage of the pilot on an HD television. A plushie of the Cheyenne Cinnamon's unicorn appeared in "Reunited, And It Feels No Good", and appears as a plushie for a set of Teeny Weenies. Early is shown owning a Cheyenne Cinnamon blanket, and sleeping hat in "Velvet Messiah", and a few other episodes. A movie adaption of the pilot is mentioned in "S4E9", which only costs three dollars.


  • Cheyenne Cinnamon Blanket
  • Cheyenne Cinnamon Sleeping Hat
  • Cheyenne Cinnamon Doll (seen in a claw machine in "S6E8")
  • Cheyenne Cinnamon's unicorn plushie (seen in a claw machine in "S6E8", and appears as a Teeny Weenie plushy)
  • Cheyenne Cinnamon Ring (seen in "S5E2")
  • Cheyenne Cinnamon Toy (mentioned "S5E3")
  • Cheyenne Cinnamon Tooth Blusher (seen in "S5E4".)



  • The pilot original airdate was "March 29, 2010", despite this, clips of the pilot started to appear in the fourth season in 2009.
  • Two recolored unicorns colored purple, and orange unicorn plushie based off Cheyenne Cinnamon's own unicorn appear as a Teeny Weenie.