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The cloning farm's purpose is to breed Sheriff's which are all clones of the original Sheriff, for the purpose of running a shadow government for Dan Halen and having the county under his control. It is the location where new Sheriffs are born if one had recently passed or one decides to appropriate the position of the current Sheriff as the law enforcement of Dougal county. All the Sherrif Clones are born with marginal strength and have hyper-sensitivity to pain. All the Sheriffs are bred with basic knowledge of all the aspects of Dougal County including information about the people notably, the Cuylers. Although the Sheriff Clones tend to be kind, they are bitter and homicidal towards each-other. Despite the sophistication of the farm, there have been a few mutations with the Sheriffs.


A newspaper article of Dan Halen's cloning farm is written

All the Sheriffs start off naked, however as they ripen a sheriff uniform becomes more visible.