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Cock Johnson is a minor character in Squidbillies.


Cock Johnson is a race-car driver that is a man of great strength and has a heart that is quite large. He first appears in the episode "Rebel with a Claus", during Christmas eve, where he comes from a present from two elves from "Gordon Camp", which is opened by Early Cuyler, which the latter wanted "Jeff Gordon", but got him instead, but Early didn't end up accepting the gift.

Later on, after some of conflict from the two elves and their leader, Santa for their pay, Cock Johnson asks how much the elves make, which they get one candy cane a month, and no dental, which is an issue for the elves. Cock Johnson then claims "exploitation", which one of them didn't know about, but told him "never mind", and telling them that they ever use their fingers to bore out a carburetor, which one has a wooden name placard for "Corey", and Cock Johnson asks them for two candy canes a month instead, one of the elves accept the decision, with two being better than one, and one them claiming that he can bore out a carburetor, which the elves accept, and they eventually leave the house with Cock Johnson. Cock Johnson is last seen being carried by an elf, being on another elf, flies using fire from the latter elf's boots.

Cock Johnson would later make some cameos in the series, after this episode, Cock Johnson makes first cameo is a image of him on a jumbo refill soda mug in "An Officer and a Dental Dam". He makes his second cameo in "Asbestos I Can" as a image on a "Championship Headache Powers". A cardboard cutout of him appears as a "Cock Johnson cardboard cutout championship headache powers" is seen in "From Russia with Stud" in Boyd's convenient store. He makes a cameo on two tourists t-shirts in "Granite Caverns".



  • Cock Johnson is based off a real-life race car driver named "Dick Johnson", and also based off the aforementioned "Jeff Gordon."