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Condition: Demolition! is the ninth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on March 16, 2008, on [Adult Swim].


After accompanying his father to "Make Your Child Do Work Day", Rusty enters a demolition derby to defeat the Bashatizing Smash Master to win a iPod.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "David Allan, CEO, Live In Macon"
  • "Jesus Shaves"
  • Pontiac Squid Hat


Guest Appearances[]


  • The "David Allan CEO, Live In Macon" hat from "Office Politics Trouble" and the newspaper from "A Sober Sunday" that Early is seen reading at the beginning returns in this episode.
    • Rusty claims that he reading the "Funnies" section on the newspaper.
    • A claw machine is heard saying "funnies" and throws down the newspaper later on, which it was holding.
    • A robotic voice can be heard saying "release", and a machine pops out of the ground and blasts Early away with blue mist. This happens at least two times.
  • The yellow creature from "This Show Is Called Squidbillies" and "School Days, Fool Days", makes an appearance in this episode as a businessman working Dan Halen.
  • Dan Halen, the four Japanese men, and the yellow creature are testing oceanic musk, which is one of "wonderful" scents of Dan Halen's "exciting" new line of sexual warrior body spray. Early is their lead scientist, who is experiencing a "sight" stinging "sensation."
    • Dan Halen pressed an another button to spray Early with an another spraying machine.
  • The fake car that Rusty test drives is constructed out of recycled light bulbs, coffee grounds, and spoiled baby diapers. A fake squid dummy was also seen, which Dan Halen claims he will use for a commercial, after he destroys the fake car door with a wooden baseball bat.
  • Rusty mentioned if he needed some goggles for the fake car or not, though, Early claims the goggles are for "pussies."
  • Before Rusty was about to hit a large needle while riding the fake car, Early calls him "my dependent deduction!"
  • When Rusty hits the needle, the screen goes into slow motion, the fake car is then destroyed, with glass shattering and his blood splattering, a alarm then rings.
  • The smashing machine from "Webnecks" reappears, as Rusty gets smashed by the machine, which Dan Halen calls a "cold press."
  • Rusty wanted to win a iPod after defeating the Bashatizing Smash Master, though he asks "what in the hell is it with all you young'uns always wanting' iPods for every damn thing?" and claims to be a sad statement that is makes for his generation. Rusty always wanted one, but Early claimed that it is his.
  • The Junkyard that Early and Rusty crash into via black car is recycled from the intro and it is usually the place where Krystal is located at.
  • Early claims to Rusty that "there's a veritable, cornucopic, plethora of various, numeratous...big number of kill moves to use" on the Bashatizing Smash Master. He also claims the "the shields" to the car when he and Rusty were falling down the sky and crash down to the ground of the junkyard.
  • In a long montage, Early and Rusty crash a black car through many other broken and destroyed cars.
  • Early did a "plundered undercarriage" using a cigarate with Rusty before explosion.
    • The "Ten...der...I...zer", them crashing into cars.
    • "Night on crushed pelvis mountain."
    • "Lucifer's numchuk", which is Early and Rusty flung in the car next to a construction vehicle.
    • "The Ron Don Jon Van Zant", Early and Rusty in the said car get crushed by three planes.
    • "Dude, who punched my car in the car?"
    • Lastly, they crashed into a tree, Early's chassis is laying on the side of the road in the town of Dougal County and his engine lands Granny, which Early watches via binoculars.
  • A Teddy Bear from "Tween Steam" makes an appearance during the campfire of Early and Rusty, while cooking sausages.
  • This episode reveals that Early Cuyler was a champion crack-up-derby driver in his days, as knows about crashing into cars, and he did in a parking lot next to a Save-Mart store, which was his canvas. He claimed that he took his own "creative peak" and his car was his paintbrush, even drinking Industrial lead-based cleaning solvent (though the words "Paint thinner" appear on the gasoline) for his beverage. He was 13 years old at the time.
  • In the morning, Early robbed Boyd's store for hickory flavored chips called "Pork rinds" for 50 dollars, which he was visualizing to have, and then put a bag of a sour cream variation of the same, but Early blasted it, which he doesn't like.
  • Rusty uses tape 8 called "moving mountains" where he listens to someone to tell how to move it, the tape was part of a training tape collection.
  • The tape cassette from "Bubba Trubba" is seen again.
  • Early used a chainsaw to saw down a tree (who crashes down to destroy a black car), and he holds the taping tape collection, telling him to use the third tape instead.
  • Early's scooter was added to truck-boat-truck for the demolition derby.
  • Eric "Butterbean" Esch actually voices himself in this episode, and sings the national anthem of the United States of America, until he beats up somebody offscreen to take off their hat.
  • Some Confederate Flags appears in the stadium.
  • When Granny is on the truck-boat-truck when she attaches the scooter to it, the stadium audience isn't seen moving in the stadium.
  • A majority of the audience is re-used from the episodes "Double Truckin' the Tricky Two" and "Webnecks". The arena is filled with humans and other beings, one of them resembling a clown holding a red balloon and another one heavily resembles the Sheriff with a eyepatch.
  • This episode has several clones of several characters that appear in the audience of the Demotion Derby, for example a pink-haired version of Glenn's Wife with a clone of Glenn can be seen in the same audience. In fact, there also clones of Steve, Sheriff and a Zombie Citizen are also seen, the Glenn clone reappears in the episode "Young, Dumb and Full of Gums", along with other clones of Glenn and a few other characters are used.
  • Reverend's helmet has a cross and the word "God" on it.
  • While Butterbean was singing the national anthem, Early allows Rusty to a ladder to drive truck-boat-truck to the derby.
  • Butterbean is never seen again after beating up an unknown person that he wanted to take off his own hat. When the Bashatizing Smash Master appears onscreen, the stadium plays music and red, green and blue light circles are seen around the stadium, the stadium lights point to the said smash master as people are heard screaming, who also breaks several seats in the stadium for people.
    • On Adultswim.com's website, the captions listed it as "dramatic music."
    • Two moons are visible in the sky of the stadium.
    • Early also replies "Saint Valdosta" when the Smash master appears.
  • The moves mentioned when Rusty is defeating the derby's other competitors are;
    • "Pulverizer" - Rusty destroys and crushed the Pizza Delivery Man and his car to death
    • "Assisted suicide" - Rusty kills a man in a blue car with a large pillow.
    • "Spider-dream" - Reverend in his car is run over by Rusty.
    • "Side plunge"
    • "Fender blender"
    • "Death in the afternoon"
  • A man wearing a helmet has a notepad and a pencil, when Early claims "insurance information exchange!" for him, but Rusty had none.
  • A masked man has his own x-ray.
  • Despite appearing a few times in the episode, the Sheriff has only single line of dialogue.
    • Sheriff: "Uh, I'm sorry sir, but?"
    • Bashatizing Smash Master answers are;
      • A: $0-$40.
      • B: $41 to $10,000
      • C: $10,000 to unlimited dollars.
      • For household income, which welfare money doesn't count by Rusty, Granny tells him to shut his mouth and Early tells him not to tell about their "monies" to the government.
      • The smash master claimed it was probably "A."
      • His second question is if they will ever gonna use Appalachian temptation male body spray at least a day or twice.
        • A: 1X a day
        • B: 3X a day
        • C: At all times all day, everyday
        • He then also claims "super, now, inbred flotsam, please put your address and phone number. If you know how to write on each card."
  • The Appalachian temptation male body spray heavily resembles Ice Wind from the previous episode "Sharif", also the blimp from "Earth Worst" and that episode returns, the screen also says "we lied", since they lied about a iPod.
  • Despite the claims of winning a iPod at the demolition derby after defeating the Bashatizing Smash Master, the entire derby turned out to be a massive hallucination brought on illegal testing of the very dangerous body spray, including the said iPod, was a lie, which Dan told Early. After the hallucination ends, Dan Halen then claims "or the scary monster will rise up and eat you", which he is referring to Bashatizing Smash Master, which scares Early and makes him run away.
  • After everyone gets lighted on fire at the end of the episode, Dan in his blimp answers "Yes, Japan?", mentions the name "Mishu Mishu", which could obviously be the name a Japanese person, and tells him that "Tuesday launch is a go."


  • This episode has several clones of several characters that appear in the audience of the Demotion Derby, for example a pink-haired version of Glenn's Wife with a clone of Glenn can be seen in the same audience. In fact, there also clones of Steve, the Pizza Delivery Man (one of them was killed by Rusty driving the truck-boat-truck), Sheriff and a Zombie Citizen are also seen, the Glenn clone reappears in the episode "Young, Dumb and Full of Gums", along with other clones of Glenn and a few other characters are used.
  • The Think Bank Employee is seen floating in the air in one scene.

References & Allusions[]

  • Dan Halen mentions "let's walk to the cloning station, where we've just finished re-animating the "Dreaded Gojira!" to the Japanese, which is the Japanese name of the fictional Japanese Kaiju creature, Godzilla. Dan Halen then claimed the he was "just kidding", since he loves hearing how the four Japanese men and yellow creature scream by saying it.
  • Save-Mart is a parody of the real-world stores; Walmart and Save-a-lot.
  • When Sheriff is killed by the Bashatizing Smash Master, the famous Wilhelm scream sound effect can be heard.
  • The background music that plays when the Bashatizing Smash Master is talking and asking questions to Early and Rusty, is taken from the sponsor bumps from the adult animated television series; King of The Hill.