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Cooler-Heads Prevail is the sixth episode from the twelfth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on September 8th, 2019 on [adult swim]

Synopsis []

Early bosts and brags about his new high-tech "Sasquatch" cooler.


Early buys a new chiller called Sasquatch, which makes drinks cold but at the expense of the environment since it has to burn many fossil fuels to function. Instead of getting the new updated model that is energy efficient, Early burns the surrounding forest that has remained alive only since the Cuyler family has been able to take refuge inside the cooler for protection.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Sasquatch" 


Theme Song Performer[]


  • This episode is the first appearance of Kyle Nubbins since the episode "Dewey Two-ey", which was five episodes ago, and his first appearance in the show's twelfth season. This episode, and "There's Sucker Porn Every Minute" are the only episodes of the season that feature him appearing in the season.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Kyle Nubbins, being the current reverend of the church, says "You shall make no idols nor graven image, and you shall have no other gods before me", Nubbins then asks the church attendees to think what God is talking about there before Early interrupts.
    • Ironically, Melissa wasn't at the church in the beginning of the episode, instead she is seen walking later on, this is ironic since she is often seen going to church on Sundays in previous episodes of the show.
  • When Early comes into the church with his cooler, Glenn, Glenn's wife, her ex-husband, Tammi, and the stoned man from "Frivolacious Squidigation", all glare at Early. While others such as Granny, Rusty, Sheriff and a few Mexicans stare or look at him. Randy is the only character in the church that doesn't have a upset face when Early comes in.
  • When Early opened his cooler, he pulls out a bottle of Glug and drinks it. After Nubbins tells Early not to bring the cooler into the church, Early then mentions that it is more than just a cooler, claiming its a "next-generation temperature-based refrigeration system." When Nubbins asks the attendees to bow their heads in prayer, Early claimed that his prayers "have done and been answered", because of the Sasquatch cooler has a dual-axle-mounted mobility disc, with contents-sealing containment hatch, and onboard decanter libation liberation seal. remover accessory for accessing potable flavor beverage libations.
  • When Granny was about to touch a little bottle opener, Early then threatens her, telling her not to touch his own cooler, and claims "I'll be coolin' your damn corpse in the sandwich crisper!". This leads to Nubbins calling it a "Sunday" and then everyone leaves church, while Early smokes up the place with his cooler.
  • The Jiggle Hut was given a redesign in this episode.
  • This is Ellis' first speaking role in a episode since "Green and Sober", the previous episode "Rich Dan, Poor Dan", along with "The Legend of Kid Squid", a flashback on a monitor on "Thou Shale Not Drill", "Debased Ball", and "Dewey Two-ey", all made him completely silent. In this episode, Ellis kicks out Early for smoking up his bar with the cooler's fuel.
    • Ellis: "Don't be bringing your own beers to my bar."
    • Early: "Fine, Sasquatch is built for the rugged outdoors anyhow."
  • The Sasquatch Cooler throughout the episode produced lots of gases.
    • Sasquatch is a another name for the legendary creature Bigfoot.
  • Bobby and Leroy are seen working in Ballmart similar to "Galvin".
  • Early mentioned that his cooler is not going to confuse people over Ballmart's "jacked-up low-rent Ballmart brand."
  • When Bobby explains that "Malamute" cooler brand, a man is seen holding one of the coolers, but then puts it on the ground. These coolers are considered to be good and better than Early's cooler, which are on sale, and also have a dog face on it. Sheriff also brought this cooler later on. Early claimed that he wouldn't "bathe a dog in a Malamute", while heading up to a microphone, mentioning that he wouldn't cool his piss in the said cooler.
  • The Sasquatch Cooler have the same ice from last week, when explaining that he needs to buy a bag of ice.
  • When Early leaves Ballmart, because of the cooler, he isn't going to back when Hell freezes over, and wouldn't be as "damn" cold as a sasquatch.
  • Like "Gun of a Son", Sheila is seen as a employee at Ballmart.
  • Early's 12 gauge shotgun blasted a hole into the wall, after Rusty turned his Sasquatch Cooler.
  • Sheriff's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" RV from "Jacksonville Jackass", returns again, it is seen next to a Georgia Bulldogs footballs game.
    • Sheriff says "go Dawgs, sic' em" when Early and co. head to Sheriff's RV, and cook out, that he is having, which is serving hamburgers and hotdogs, then all of the Cuyler's start eating all of his food, as Rusty and Early ate the bags of chips, including hotdog buns for the former, with the latter eating some tomatoes, while Granny eats Mac n' cheese and another piece of food. Sheriff then asks them if they want a cool drink from his Malamute, which Early doesn't ask, also betting that Malamute doesn't make hats, as Sheriff isn't wearing one of them, and the hat is a chef hat instead. When asking, Early confirmed to the Sheriff on his Wi-Fi hotspot, via cellphone, that Malamute doesn't make them, or has any Wi-Fi hotspot of any sort. Sheriff mentioned that he didn't see it on the lid, while picking it up as he thinking that it was on the bottom of the cooler, which it doesn't have, leading to him accidently dropping all of the cold drinks and his guac out of the cooler and onto the ground. Early also calls it a "tub" when taunting Sharif about the cooler only having a hotspot into the cooler's interior.
    • Granny calls this a "burn!" while trying to get into Glenn's cooler, but can't, due to the cooler's security system.
  • The apron that Sheriff is wearing has the words "Let me glaze your breasts and thighs!".
  • Glenn gives Granny the middle finger, as a key, for trying to open his own cooler, due to its "biometric fingerprint-activated lock."
  • The Sasquatch Cooler that Glenn owns, has subzero beverage-extraction tongs, as anytime anyone could put their hand into the cooler is a frostbite risk.
  • This episode reveals that Early's cooler is a Mastodon, which don't even release firmware of the Mastodon coolers any more, and going to brick them at the end of the year, possibly due to the effects and problems of Global Warming.
  • The brown-skinned colored version of Sheila from the episode "Jacksonville Jackass" makes a cameo in this episode.
  • After all of the fuel's gas was scaring off all of the women, Glenn mentions that Early was scaring off all of the talent, his own Wife then throws some food at Glenn, leading to Glenn telling his wife that he is a man that can look, possibly to look at other women, behind his wife's back.
  • After Granny comes out of the coolers with Early's frozen drink, and shatters after being stuck into the cooler's cool, Early got a bottle of grapefruit jalapeno Hefeweizen doppelbock instead of a beer for him, which froze his arm, and Glenn revealed that these are powered by the sun via solar. Early then told him that climate change was a hoax.
  • Early is now out of patience with the company who made the Sasquatch cooler, claiming that it chooses "tree-huggin' bullsh*t", which the word "sh*t" is uncensored.
  • Glenn hands a broom and dustpan to Rusty, for him to sweep up his shattered Granny.
  • In Early's video, he cuts down a tree via chainsaw, and says the words "Kick my ass-quatch!", which is written in red letters, that appears onscreen, and edited into his video, the tree doesn't crush the cooler. Granny then asks if he gonna to smush the cooler to make his point, Early then asks her, and thinks she's a scientist. Early cuts down the tree again, except the tree then falls on Granny and damages the camera, which was obviously holding the camera for the video, due to the tree leading towards that way, then Early told it to her.
  • All of Early's attempts to crush the Sasquatch cooler with different types of trees failed, aside from the second tree damaging the camera, one of the trees cut down fell onto the Cuyler House, leading to Granny mentioning "that's where we lived." The last tree was impossible to cut down, which wasn't actually a tree, it was a cellphone tower, that resembled a tree. Early then said that the wooden trees being led by a robot master tree. Rusty was holding the camera in this segment.
  • After Early 's chainsaw breaks, he calls the cellphone tower a "Android from outer space" to die, while breaking his chainsaw.
  • Sheriff has a small version of his sheriff badge on his own cellphone.
  • Early took his hat off him, which he calls a "rugged, high-quality, one size fits all sport hat", preferring to drink warm spit than the Sasquatch cooler and hat, wanting to be done with Sasquatch, since the company has his own money, leading to Sheriff asking, and after failing to destroy the cooler from his video, which was in his own house, which Sheriff previously said it would be a lot more "impactful" if he put the cooler into the forest's fire, while Early tells him when he directs his viral video film, he can make the decision by telling the video's audience that the cooler was destroy in the fire, and he is challenging people with his own art. Early mentioned that the video that he made hurts the feelings of Sasquatch's own company. Sheriff also tries on the hat, but stopped by Early, despite being done with Sasquatch, wanting to burn the hat into the fire, and produce another videotape to "pwn the butt-hurt libs."
  • Early poured cans of beer and a ice from the bag into the Mastodon Sasquatch Cooler, pulled out of the house, claiming that it is "the best goddamn cooler on the market." He also refers the Mastodon as a "her", telling when he pulls her behind Early, people think he has a high-paying job and a serious problem with his alcohol.
  • Now, because of the forest fire, for survival, the three Cuyler's hide into the Sasquatch Cooler, and Sheriff tried hiding into his Malamute cooler, his badge was previously melted into the fire, and his police car get destroyed by a flaming tree, which was falling, despite this, Sheriff decides to stay by smoking a cigarette, using the tree's fire.
  • Despite the entirely of the Dougal County's environment being destroyed by a large pile of fire, as Early lit the trees on fire to push the cooler into the fire, in his own video, wanting it to be a viral video, when The Cuyler's in the Sasquatch cooler to go the Sasquatch Shop, the scene is perfectly normal, however, the building wouldn't most likely be located in Dougal County or not.
  • Once again, like the episodes "Muscadine Wine", and "The Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain", this episode doesn't have a usual credit sequence.
  • At the end of the episode, Early, Rusty, Granny, and Sheriff are all melted into their respective coolers, with the three formers melted into the Sasquatch cooler, also buying a solar model that is unregistered to them, with all of their skins ripped off, also thinking that they're skin is going to grow back, and put hats their heads, which are all unable to get them off, and Sheriff melted into his Malamute cooler.
  • According to Sheriff, Ballmart don't help him, as they said that Sheriff was separate from his Malamute, he would technically die, this suggests that the latter did the same thing that the three Cuyler's did, heading to Ballmart for a refund on his Malamute cooler.

References & Allusions[]

  • The Sasquatch cooler's name and brand is obviously a reference to the legendary mythology creature; Bigfoot.
  • When Glenn tells Early and his cooler would be recognize the flagship of the Sasquatch line, referring to it as the Himalaya, he is most likely referring to the Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman.