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Counselor is a minor character in Squidbillies. He is voiced by Mike Schatz in the episode "Terminus Trouble", who also voices Emory from Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Description and Personality[]

The Counselor is a prosecutor that works at a courthouse with a Judge in the city of Atlanta, and reviews Early's case for beating up a Baseball Player in a baseball field, before he got caught by security guards and arrested and then was taken to a courthouse. He is shown to dislike Early Cuyler, due to the crimes he has committed such as assault to a baseball player, his DUI's and attempted murder on one occasion.

The Counselor summitted footage of Early's crime played on a television monitor, and has his own remote to turn the television footage off and on, but Early convinces them that he was not responsible for the crime such as claiming that he was not wearing a hat in the footage, but claiming later that he had a hat reading "Gynecologists' Saturday nights only" instead (and claiming that he got it from a truck stop in Elakay.) and mentioning that he wasn't beating up the player but instead helping him off the ground and unkicking his balls, as the counselor even ends up reversing the footage a couple of times, including its angle, and even playing a "Wacky Blooper Reel" and a "Kiss Kam". The counselor claimed that he couldn't really do that to the player and thought it was some kind of a Sci-Fi.

The Counselor obviously knows that Early (or Awesome Bill from Dawnsonville, he called himself) that he is drinking and driving under the influence, due to his three DUI's, and arrested for it repeatedly, as he is good at, and it happened on the same week that Early's case started.

After Early's case ended as Early claimed the baseball player looked at him "crossways", and he chats with the judge about the claim, ending his charges, he was then free to leave the courthouse, but Early had struggles, as he couldn't open the door to leave, the Counselor tells someone to open the door for him by helping him to lift the door knob, as the Judge tells Phil to open it for him.

The Counselor makes a brief reappearance in the episode "Keeping It in the Family Way", as he is seen near the end of the episode, he is sitting next to Rusty and his girlfriend Tammi, when Early is confessing to the Judge how he shot Tammi in the head with one of his guns, as he was attempting to kill her. He has no lines in his second appearance and only glares at Early.