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Counter Of The Mounter Tain is a monster from the night of Halloween that would later transform into a human from the "Bocephus" album in Squidbillies.


His monster form depicts him as a large curly shaped red monster with green spots, teeth, two large fangs, large claws, one big eye, with a small eye, and two large brown eyebrows.

His form as "Bocephus" depicts him wearing a pale jacket, dark blue jeans, a black belt, and black shoes. He holds a guitar, has a brown beard, a mustache, and black glasses. He has on a brown hat, with a green sprite.


Like Hellish Jay, and Skyler, Counter Of The Mounter Tain in his monster form appears in "The Tiniest Princess", and the third monster to appear in the episode. He encounters Early, Rusty, Granny, and Sheriff on Halloween night after disguising, and transforming itself as Early, to fool the Sheriff, and the real Early. After a spooky Halloween story involving a family being eaten, and choked by an evil calculator, the red monster is seen tapping its claw exactly 36 times, before it eats its prey. Sheriff seems to have some knowledge of the monster's existence. Also like Hellish Jay, and Skyler, he is shown to be a very aggressive creature.

The Monster ends up yelling furiously at the them, telling them not to move, and that a leaf blew in front of them, and that he wants that to get out of there, while it drives him nuts. Monster continues to count numbers with the small leaf at times to help him, as for the fault of the leaf. After Early, Rusty, and Sheriff leave, he tells Granny that no one ever lets help him get that far in counting numbers, and Granny lets him inside her house, and transform into a human from the album "Bocephus", with Granny telling that the "69er's" are playing the "Packers" on Monday night football.

"Bocephus" would also end up making cameos in "Armageddon It On!", on a television, and in "God's Bro", seen at the VFW, and later would protest with other people because of Dan Halen's new supercollider, and blackhole.


A few abilities of the monster are seen in the episode such as the monster tapping its claw by counting numbers, eating people like Boyd, and transforming into other beings such as such as Early, and the guitar man from the album "Bocephus". As his new form, he also grows a brown hat.