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Darla is a minor character in Squidbillies, she is a stripper & Prostitute at The Jiggle Hut, she is seen wearing a red bikini, her job is to strip at the strip club.


In "A Jailhouse Divided" she is seen working & stripping at the strip club, in the next episode "Stop, Jammertime!", at The Jiggle Hut, Early with a sign say's "Hear ye, hear ye I'm into being shamed", Darla say's "Well, I'm a "Harlot with low self-esteem who degrades herself for money", Early say's "Hell yeah, baby, I can read", Early & Darla have sex in a car, Sheriff noticed their signs & say's "Early?, Darla?", Sheriff told them their not supposed to be doing this in the middle of town, a bunch of people take pictures or watch (like Steve) their sex in the car with the use of phones, the car later runs off, Darla wearing a American top & jeans makes a small appearance in "The Squid Stays In The Picture" kissing a another woman by the use of Early when he was with Tance Jackerman, she is seen again in "Rich Dan, Poor Dan", stripping for Early & she has money in her breast.