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Debased Ball is the sixth episode from the eleventh season of Squidbillies. It first aired on November 19th, 2017 on [adult swim].


Early exploits himself for attention.


Dan Halen builds a minor league stadium in Dougal County and shows it to business leaders. Executives don't seem to appreciate the Flying Pecan Logs mascot since they say vaguely reminiscent of an asshole, but after seeing Early fight against a possum inside a garbage can, they find marketable ideas about the squid. Seeing the goods, Early finds himself outraged at embezzling his culture, until Halen gives him a job as a mascot. Early becomes "Squiddy the Nitwit", the new mascot of the local Ornery Mud Squids team, where he embodies a more child-friendly version of his usual working-class character. Things go perfectly for Early, Granny and Lil, until Rusty decides to protest the treatment of the people against his father. Rusty takes things seriously and shows the audience a video where Early gets drunk and really tries to shoot Granny. The stadium empties quickly and Early detonates the stadium screen with his real rifle. The squid is captured by the sheriff and taken to prison and Halen renames Flying Pecan Logs as the official mascot of the Ornery Mud Squids.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Let's F**k!"
  • "Let's just snuggle tonight"
  • "Booty Hunter"
  • "Wooden Hat"


Guest Stars[]


  • This is Lil Cuyler's first reappearance since her cameo in "Bunker Down, You Hairy Dawg!", from the ninth season, as she is absent in the tenth season.
    • However this is her only appearance in Season 11.
  • A baseball theme is used for the intro, since this episode is a baseball themed episode.
  • Early Cuyler officially becomes the Nitwit as the mascot for Dan Halen's Baseball stadium.
    • He is eventually fired after this episode due to his actions at the end of the episode,
  • The Horny Mud Squids section at Ballmart has a bunch of squid baseball merchandise on sale, it includes baseballs, baseball hats, flags, hands & other.
  • One scene, Early shoots a fish mascot called the Savannah Sunfish to "Git off my land!".
    • Early chases a nitwit's oxy-trottin's mascot at one point.
  • The Hillbilly Hat Shuffle from the big screen's animation of Early being the Nitwit is a parody of shuttle games.
  • The mother from "Dove In An Iron Cage" returns again, similar to that episode, Early wanted to sign her boobies, causing her to run away.
  • Ethan & his mother from the episodes "Granny Hotfoot", "Trackwood-Racist", & "Jacksonville Jackass" return in this episode.
  • Granny's penis or beak is blurred out.
  • The song "Take Me Out To Watch Baseball" is a parody of the 1049 baseball song "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".
  • Around the 9:20 mark, when Early shoots the screen, the scene of it falling is in slow motion.
  • Lil & Granny are seen twerking with hotdogs in their hands around a bunch of people who are oddly sitting in the audience despite leaving the stadium earlier.
  • Sheriff doesn't even appear until the end of the episode.
  • Lil, Glenn, & Ellis appear dressed as Nitwit mascot suits at the end of the episode.