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The Deep Fried Pine Booby is a species of bird that resides in the northern Georgia mountains in Dougal county, like most of the creatures in the Appalachian mountains, they are very intelligent for animals, even for the animals in Dougal county.


The Pine boobies were first seen in a Dan Halen commercial where he asked for support in destroying their habitat, so he could proceed in building a new mall for the residents. There is a pine booby later seen under the observation of Sheriff, Early, & Russell. However this Pine booby was not real as with it was later revealed that this booby was actually a Robotic Deep Fried Pine Booby. The Deep fried pine boobies are last seen breaking into a Dan Halen Sheet rock international building in order to recover their robotic decoy, it is here where they destroy Dan Halen's medical gasses that came from the Robot Pine Booby, as well as take the Stereo away from Dan Halen and finally fly off with their victory over Dan Halen.

Early is shown eating one of them in "America: Why I Love Her".

In "Forever Autumn", Sheriff discovers that two of the species are mating Dan Halen's autumn project.


Leader of the Pine boobies

The Pine boobies break in

The deep fried pine boobies work as a group and act very serious with their missions and are commanded by a leader who is distinct with his outfit. They speak English rather well and are polite at excepting compliments. Like other birds they care for their young in nests and feed them by regurgitating their food. They also seems to like the song "Everybody Party", they also have the ability to removed acne with a oxi-based secretion from their ass in their tail.


The pine boobies take their victory over Dan Halen

The pine boobies posses advanced technology capable of task such as espionage and spying, they have hooks, flame throwers and robotic decoys.


The Pine boobies are (like many of the other species around Dougal county) endangered. This is most likely due to the Boobies entire population concentrated only in Dougal county as well as being hunted down by Dan Halen for their medical gasses.