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Deputy Denny or simply Denny is a rather oddly formed clone of the Sheriff, and the only one with a name. Denny first appeared in the episode "A Sober Sunday" with two other Sheriff clones on trash duty at the police station. Denny is notable because of his caved-in head, the body of a small-child, and being the only clone with a different (child-like voice), which may suggest he is just a child ( though his mustache suggests otherwise). Since his first appearance, Denny has appeared regularly in scenes that feature the Clone Field, though he has made other appearances. In the episode "Sharif", Dan Halen chose Denny as the Sheriff's replacement. Denny's first act as sheriff was arresting some fish and his police car for "suspicion and collusion". It wasn't until the "Sharif" episode that Denny's name was revealed, his previous cameos just had him as an unnamed, and imperfect clone.

In the Season 5 Episode "America: Why I love her", it was revealed that while Denny is an imperfect clone, he actually possesses more intelligence than the normal Sheriff clones. Denny is the only clone that continually appears in the series, both with the Sheriff and at the clone field.

In more recent episodes in the recent Seasons of the show, Denny now serves as Deputy of Dougal county, working alongside the Sheriff.


  • Denny is voiced by Squidbillies co-creator Dave Willis.
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