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Dewey Duvall, also known as Dewberry Duvall Jr. Sr. Sr., is a minor character in Squidbillies.

Biography and Personality[]

He is a shirtless man that is part of the Duvall Family, who are neighboring forks, along with his son Dewey Duvall Jr., who had a long history with the Cuyler family since the beginning with Ga Ga Pee Pap, who own a land. He also to be very grumpty towards other people such as Early Cuyler and his father. Though, despite his grumpty attitude, he did cry towards his father's death.

As of the events of "Dewey Two-ey", he is currently married to Early's mother and Rusty's grandmother Ruby Jean, whom he was often making out with. Speaking of which, Ga Ga and Dewey dueled for his love of Ruby Jean by fighting with stick strokes for a whole day, until Ga Ga forced Granny to duel for her, forcing Dewey to give up.

In "Events by Russell", he and his son were in a contest for the "hairest chest in Dougal County", but lost to a hairy Mexican named "Rodrigo."