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Dewey Duvall Jr. is a minor character in Squidbillies.


Dewey Duvall Jr. is a medium sized shirtless boy with a small mustache, and light brown hair, has a necklace around his neck, and wears light blue shorts, and orange shoes.


Dewey Duvall Jr. is the son of Dewey Duvall, the grandson of Dewey's now deceased father of the Duvall family, a clan of neighboring forks who had a long history with the Cuyler's since the beginning with Ga Ga Pee Pap, and he is now the current stepson of Granny Cuyler. Appearing aside his father in all of his appearances, Dewey Duvall Jr. doesn't speak in the series, but only makes facial expressions, and he is told want to do by his family's request such as weed whacking, riding on motorcycles to catch the Cuyler family pushing his grandfather's grave from his tomb, moving the Cuyler family's outhouse by use of a moving vehicle, keeping an eye on Early from trespassing, using a shotgun (but taken away from him), and to use a semi-automatic gun (put on ear-protection headphones along with his father, and Sharif) to fire at him (nearly killing him) for security reasons (since he is not allow to trespass off the wall surrounding his house, which is against the law.), and bringing him a stick holding a beehive full of swarming honey bees unless Early makes love to them, or make a speech to know that his family is "sh*t" to the local townspeople of Dougal County, which Early chooses the latter. Like his father, he doesn't like the Cuyler family, and is usually angry at their antics. He, and his father made cameos in "Events by Russell", losing at a hairiest chest contest event along with Sheriff, Glenn, and Deputy Denny in the Jiggle Hut to a hairy Mexican named "Rodrigo".

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