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Dewey Two-ey is the tenth episode from the eleventh season of Squidbillies. It first aired on December 17, 2017 on [Adult Swim].


Continuing where "Duel of the Dimwits" left off, Dewey Jr. makes Early's life miserable in ways that include tricking him into opening a taqueria mere feet from his own made before marrying Granny.


Continuing from the Duel of the Dimwits episode, Early discovers that his shack has been barricaded and divided from the rest of the land due to the recent legal disclosure that certifies that the property belongs to the Duvalls, rivals of the Cuylers. With this go-ahead Dewey continues his relationship with Granny. Unfortunately for Early the only land he owns is the shack and everything outside can be pulled down like the shed or confiscated like his truck. After Early's unsuccessful attempt to reclaim his truck by sliding along the power line, the Duvalls, not to be enough, decide to open a Taco Shack next to the shack. Early asks to make an act of faith to make peace with Dewey and he decides to accept at a price: Early must climb the water tower of the city and read aloud and with a megaphone a shameful self-defamation of his character in front of the the whole city, while wearing a bikini and a squirrel attached to his pant, or making love with a beehive. Early opted for the first choice and this allowed to repair the fracture between the two families. The Cuylers and Deweys celebrate their rapprochement with a gruesome marriage between Dewey Jr and Granny, both because they are in love, and because they can bring the land together, at the cost of burning the shack.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"



  • This episode is a continuation of "Duel of the Dimwits", however it's unknown if this episode takes place after that episode or "The War on The War on Christmas".
  • The Dougal County Water Tower from "Young, Dumb and Full of Gums", returns as Early dressed in a pink bikini & uses a squirrel is on top of it.
  • Vicki from "Vicki", a man from "Southern Pride and Prejudice", Brock Bell (or Radio Announcer) from "The Big E", and "The Legend of Kid Squid", and the Woody Scouts Trainer from "Trackwood Rac-ist" all make small cameos in this episode.
    • As of note, many of these people have interacted with Early and started some type of conflict with him in these episodes.
  • The Cuyler has covered by a iron fence covered in wires, this is similar to the episode "The Fine Ol’ Solution", it was later torned down.
  • This is the third episode where Early's tentacles are removed, one being in "The Good One" & the second being "Limbitless".
  • Duvell's Taco Jockey is next to The Cuyler house, it is owned by The Duvall's, The Cuyler eventually rip it off & make their own with the logo.
    • There is also a no shoes, no shirt, no service policy", later changed to No Squids, No Servise (misspelling of the word "Service"), No Never".
  • Granny is officially married to Dewey Duvall after this episode, similar how Ga Ga Pee Pap married Granny years ago in reference to "Duel of the Dimwits".