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Donna's Ex-husband is a reoccurring character in Squidbillies, that appears as a background character after his debut in the episode "Take This Job and Love It", where he was voiced by the co-creator of the show, Dave Willis.


Donna's Ex-husband is the ex-husband of Donna/Glenn's Wife. However starting with the episode "A Sober Sunday". Donna or simply "Glenn's Wife" was revealed to be living with Glenn and married him, despite this Donna and this man we're still married during this times. They were often seen with each other in the show's earlier seasons, however in later seasons and episodes. Her ex-husband is seen often alone as a normal non-speaking background character. It's implied that both have split up or gotten a divorced. Though it's unknown if this Donna that he is married to is a clone, her second life, or her sister.

While his real name is never mentioned by any characters, in his first appearance, Early Cuyler calls him "Jerry" but he mentions "Steve" instead (not to be confused with a another person named Steve). It's unknown if this is his real name or not.

He is shown singing in the song "Hoofprints" in "S3E5".