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Double Truckin' the Tricky Two is the third episode from the second season of Squidbillies. It first aired on October 1, 2006 on [Adult Swim].


When the state investigates Dan Halen's blatantly rigged lottery, Halen rigs the next drawing so someone else (Early) wins, only to reveal the gruesome nature of the prize.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Sonny Lied".
  • "I Ain't Won Jak A Lot From The Squattery Tale Lotterys Hour Be The Jack Squatt Ry Cause I Ain't Jack Squatting WG A Lot YT Hey Should RenaMe The Lottery To Jack Squattery To The Cause That's Alot".
  • "Tricky Two".



  • The music in the Intro in this episode sounds different.
  • This is the very first episode of the show, where Sheriff is voiced by Bobby Ellerbee, instead of Charles Napier, though the next episode has a clone of Sheriff voiced by the same actor kills the original Sheriff with a club voiced by Charles Napier, and replaces him onwards.
  • Rusty wears a pink, and purple costume with a hat, and holding two pink grow sticks while dancing to a pink radio.
  • This episode reveals that the Cuyler family scratches various lottery numbers that have various images on them, and pray for the "Boiled Nanners", and Early's 450 engine (called 450 big block) from his truck-boat-truck.
  • A monkey skeleton can be seen on a tree in one scene showing the banana orchids left empty.
  • This is the first appearance of Squid Satan. Also one of his snake tentacles has a ability to speak, and told to pee in a neighbor's brain but ripped the snake tentacle is then ripped off him.
  • The Lottery Numbers shown in the episode are:
    • An Acorn.
    • A Bolt.
    • A piece of Straw.
    • A Pinecone.
    • A Hog Testicle.
    • Shell Casing. (a hat)
    • Shell Cashing. (a another hat)
    • Rusty's Eyeball.
    • Squirrel Skull
    • Partial brain matter.
    • Note: The original lottery numbers were seven, and four, as noticed by Rusty, who though it was "74".
    • Note: Rusty's eyeball used as a lottery number which slightly resembles the one from Squid Satan.
  • The picture of Rusty's lottery card shows a picture of Dan Halen holding a magic wand, and wearing magic hat, with the numbers "74" next to him.
  • The large check that is show by Dan Halen to Early says "Congratulations! Early Cuyler, you will be ripped asunder by the four thousand horsepower semis of the a-truck-o-lypse this Thursday (lowercased), Thursday, Thursday! Dan Halen."
  • This episode marks the first time we see a stadium used in the series, and the background audience.
  • The two trucks pulling Granny in the stadium are a skull like vehicle called "Super Goliath", and a guitar like vehicle called "Ultra Goliath.
    • "Ultra Goliath", who was a heavy southern accent, would be later heard in the episode as a voice talking to Dan.
  • The food that Early while watching a stadium show was eating were corndogs, and was later drunk by bottles of Glug for the rest of the episode.
  • The pink magazine that Rusty shows to Granny, who is being pulled by two trucks says "Persons", "Exposed!", and "Are They Spiltsville". Pictures of people, a human hand, and a bottle of shampoo are shown on the magazine.
  • A Glug blimp can be seen flying over the stadium, during the day, sunset, and night.
  • In the ending where two Sheriffs are seen with one of them beating one of each other with a club foreshadows the Sheriff's illegal cloning farm in "A Sober Sunday", and possible nod to his voice actor replacement.
    • Charles Napier original voiced by Sheriff in the first seven episodes of the show, but Bobby Ellerbee replaced his role in later episodes.

References & Allusions[]

  • Early's Trucker Hat says, "Sonny Lied" which is written on a Confederate battle flag design. A motto from opponents of "Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue", who won office in 2002 partly from a promise to have a "St. Andrews Cross" of the Confederate battleflag as a choice on the flag referendum. He adopted a less controversial design based on the more obscure first national flag of the Confederacy.
  • Dan Halen reads a book called "Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" to the Cuyler family.