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Dougal County is a recurring location in Squidbillies. The church is a religious and Christian building located in Dougal County, and was originally owned by the Reverend.

The church was first seen in the episode "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble". This church teaches people about religion, and how to worship God, and his son Jesus Christ on Sundays. The people also pray to the Gods here.

Starting with the episode "Greener Pastor", the church's original reverend was replaced by a new reverend named Kyle Nubbins, who currently priests at the church, since the Reverend left Dougal County.

Events such as weddings happen at the church sometimes. Pictures on the church's windows depicted a baby, Jesus Christ, a creature being stabbed, a dog, a flag with stars, and other people being baptized.

Early has gotten in a lot of trouble for a lot of his actions seen in episodes such as "S2E5", when he brought his erect donkey dickhat into the church, and burning the church in "Tortuga de Mentiras".

In "S2E5", the church's goal is revealed to become a much bigger church as shown on a sign with a thermometer and arrow next to it, which has never happened. The church also has a speaker on the wall, which also crushed Early by saved by his dickhat.

Notable Events[]

Here are notable events appearing the church in the series.

Notable Attendees[]

Aside from the priests Reverend and Kyle Nubbins, some notable people have visited this church on Sundays, or made a visit to the church or others have visited Plumber Bubba's nighttime show before.


  • The Church was first mentioned by Boyd in the series pilot episode "This Show Is Called Squidbillies", even though it didn't make any appearances until Season 2.
  • In its debut in the second season, the Cuyler family (including Lil), Sheriff, a Mexican, and Snakeman were only people attending the location. This has changed in later episodes of the series. Glenn, his wife, and her ex-husband, Melissa, Tammi and her son start attending church normally on Sundays now.
  • Out of all of the members of the Cuyler family, Lil Cuyler appears the least in church on Sundays.
  • Reverend's office has the same interior from Mattress Christ, a Christian store that sells beds that the Reverend previously worked at.



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