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Dougal County Courthouse.jpg

Dougal County Courthouse is a recurring location in Squidbillies. The courthouse is located in Dougal County. First appearance as an illustration in "This Show Is Called Squidbillies", but its exterior isn't seen until "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble". The building is colored in grays, browns, has a large stone sign, a large door and green windows. The courthouse also has a clock on top of the building.

The building has had over three judges, such as a normal judge, Judge Douglas Peppers, and Judge Jammer, though the latter two have been fired one occasion. The courthouse is also known for trials such as the Baby Hammock trial, Rusty's trial in "Dove In An Iron Cage", and Thunderclap's fight with Rusty were filed here. The courthouse has a large book called "Big book of brawls" that was signed from Rusty's said fight. Lerm Edwards can be seen at the courthouse is running for office in "Lerm". In the episode "Terminus Trouble". The city of Atlanta has a nearly identical courthouse with the same interior. Deputy Denny works as security there.