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Dougal County Prison, however in the show its called "Dougal County Maximum Security Correctional Facility" or simply called "jail" or "prison" (as mentioned in "S1E2") is a state prison seen in the episodes "This Show Is Called Squidbillies" and "Dove In An Iron Cage." The latter episode also expands the establishment a lot more, and was given a large redesign in appearance. The prison is located somewhere in Dougal County.

The prison imprisons several prisoners such as Prisoner / Tattoo Artist, some Mexicans and Snakeman in jail cells who are punished for unseen crimes, presumably rape, sexual harassment, murder, assault, threat, grand theft auto, drinking and drugging or robbery of any kind in Dougal County. Sheriff, Deputy Denny and several police officers/cops, security guards, even Alice and Jailbot from Adult Swim's Superjail! even work in this said jail.

Both Early and Rusty are seen going to this prison, however while Early was arrested for armed robbery at Boyd's Convenience Store and stayed there for over fifteen years, Rusty was blamed for a crime he didn't do, as Boyd's Wife shot Boyd to collect life insurance, due to Boyd's leukemia, and blamed it on Rusty.

The prison has several rooms such as a large prisoner room, community showers, which has a unseen use of prison rape from Jean and Paul from Superjail! and Jacknife is also seen, a courtyard, therapist room where a therapist is seen, a courtyard, a lunchroom and a laundry room. The large prison is colored gray and light gray, all the prisoners wear orange uniforms, at one point confession stands for prisoners talking their family members are also available.