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Dove In An Iron Cage is the first episode from the eleventh season of Squidbillies. It first aired on October 15, 2017 on [adult swim].


Rusty fills in for the murder of Boyd.


Someone killed Boyd and the sheriff's department is investigating the case. Boyd's wife has a description that perfectly reflects the characteristics of Rusty or Early, but both Rusty and the sheriff have a pretext that will force Rusty to sign for the confession. A couple of months later, Early and Granny try to represent Rusty at the court hearing by admitting that it was a simple mistake, which leads Rusty to be sentenced to death on charges of murder. On the day of the execution, Rusty manages to escape and decides to return to his cell where he finds out that he is out of the case because the sheriff's department has no proof of the facts. The Cuylers have therefore been unfairly accused by someone close to Boyd.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Hey snowflake!, Here's your trigger warning!!!
  • "Booty Hunter"
  • "Baby Rusty"


Guest Stars[]


Theme song performer[]


  • This is the third half-hour episode since "America: Why I Love Her" & "Thou Shale Not Drill".
  • This episode has a crossover with the Adult Swim show called Superjail!, as Jean, Paul, Alice, Jailbot, and Jacknife from the said show Superjail! all make cameos in the episode at the Dougal County Prison.
  • Several characters from Numerous episodes in the series appear as cameos like the Man & baby from "Terminus Trouble", the female Mexican & child from "Ballmart", Sheila, & a prisoner resembling the Tattoo artist from "Southern Pride and Prejudice" is seen.
  • Snakeman is revealed in jail in this episode, also this is Snakeman's first reappearance since "Granny Hotfoot".
    • It's implied that Snakeman got arrested off-screen after "Granny Hotfoot", this could explain why he was absent in the tenth season of the show.
  • The Waffle Barn & Kyle Nubbins from "Greener Pastor" reappear again.
  • It's revealed that in one scene, Sheriff was painting Early naked.
  • During the Steve Earle concert, Glenn is seen holding a sign saying "I'm here for Steve", it's implied that he only came to see Steve Earle, not something that has to do with the Cuylers.
    • Donna's Ex Husband is shown with the Prisoner / Tattoo Artist in a jail cell at the jail, however he can still be seen in the audience with a bunch of people.
  • Early dresses as President Jimmy Carter, he had a mask used for it to sneak into prison.
    • Granny also dresses as "President Wolf Man."
  • If you look closely at the monitors, the same scene with Denny talking, his reflection can be seen on a monitor.
  • The stadium audience from previous episodes "Double Truckin' the Tricky Two", "Webnecks", "Condition: Demolition!", "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma", "The Okaleechee Dam Jam", "Anabolic-holic", "Lean Green Touchdown Makifying Machine" & "Thou Shale Not Drill" reappears in this episode.
  • The reason why Boyd was killed in this episode is because his voice actor "Pete Smith", retired from Adult Swim on "Pete Smith Day" on September 28 2017, due to this, similar to Reverend who was retired & shipped from the series as his voice actor died, Boyd was permanently Killed off.
  • At the end of the episode which takes place one year later, it's revealed by the Sheriff that Boyd had leukemia, he didn't any health insurance, so his wife shot him & blamed it on Rusty so she can collect life insurance.

References & Allusions[]

  • The Superjail! characters, Jean, Paul, Alice, Jailbot, and Jacknife make cameos at the prison.
    • For Example, During the shower scene the characters of Paul Guaye and Jean Baptiste Le Ghei from the said show are the inmates who approach Rusty when he drops the soap (Implied Prison Rape).
    • Jacknife (whose back is seen, but not his face) is also seen taking a shower.
    • Alice & Jailbot appear during the prison fight scene.
  • Granny mentions Jeopardy at one point.
  • Jurassic Park is referenced once by Rusty, when Rusty wanted Dodo Bird hot wings.
    • Rusty's quote: "Well you better Jurassic Park them sons of bitches!"
  • The song "Amazing Grace" is used & sung by some of the characters.