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Species Appalachian Mud squid/Large fish or Large mammal
Shape Large Squid
Location Dougal County, Georgia
Age 57 born October 30 1961 hair color bald
height Large
first appearance School Days, Fool Days

Doctor /Surgeon


Granny Cuyler(mother)

GaGa (father)

Early Cuyler (brother)

Durwood Cuyler ( brother)

Lil Cuyler (sister)

Rusty Cuyler(nephew)

Hershel Walker Jr.(nephew)

Lil's other children (nephews/nieces) Bug kids (son / daughteter)

A large squid who works as a doctor at the local hospital, Dr. Bug is the abandoned son of Granny Cuyler and gaga the brother of Early dorwood and li the uncle of rusty Cuyler but he takes great pains to hide it and to distance himself from the family. In "Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust," thinking she was on her death bed while hospitalized, Granny tells him that she "never meant to flush him down the toilet" and that he was "always her favorite".] Apparently in grudging recognition of this family connection, he then surreptitiously offers to donate his gallbladder to save Granny's life. A similar character named Bug (an acronym for Big Uncle Grandpa) appeared in original pilot scripts. In the episode "Family

Trouble," Early urinates on a rabbit meant to determine if he is pregnant. As the rabbit dies, it gives off a purple smoke indicating Early has a twin. As Doctor Jerry points that out to Doctor Bug, Doctor Bug tells him to shut up and says repeatedly, "only child."


Dr. Bug often shows a kind heart, he also doesn't posses the stereotypical southern accent like the rest of his family. The Doctor seems to be able to make diagnosis rather quickly, and can perform surgeries. Dr.Bug seems to have some resentment of being a Cuyler, as he is constantly denying being related to the family when being told that he is also a squid of the same species.


  • Dr.Bug is one of the only three doctors in Dougal county (unless you take away the first doctor that was killed by Early Cuyler in the first season)
  • Durwood Cuyler a relative to the Cuylers is similar to Bug as both express shame in their family heritage