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Dr. Cock is a reoccurring character in Squidbillies. He is a incompetent doctor working at the clinic and hospital in Dougal County.


In the show "Squidbillies", there have been three doctors shown along with Dr. Jerry and Dr. Bug. While the doctors don't usually have long speaking roles. They are the few characters in the show that show decent intelligence (with the exception of Dan Halen). Dr. Cock is now the only current doctor in Dougal County. Dr. Jerry only appeared in one episode, he was killed off real quickly in his only appearance. Dr. Bug showed up in a few episodes after his debut, but after Season 3, he disappeared from the show completely.

Like most citizens of Dougal County such as Glenn, Sheriff, and Deputy Denny. He occasionally works for Dan Halen, such as in "Wing Nut", when he is employed by Dan Halen Industries to genetically engineers a chicken entirely made of buffalo wings by splicing it with squid DNA from the Cuyler's. Despite his behavior and questionable credentials, the Doctor is shown to question Dan Halen's method, ethics, and logic of his plan to genetically engineer such a creature, though ends up going along with it, though draws the line when Dan Halen makes their creation be able to defecate its own to-go-box due to it being scientifically impossible and impractical.

On a bump before the 7th-season premiere "Rusty and Tammi, Sittin' in a Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D". He was officially credited and named as "Dr. Donald Cock."

It should be noted in the episode "Taint Misbehavin'" that he was also the only one of the townspeople not to be trapped inside the giant pyramid made by Dan, presumably as payment for helping Dan Halen out, showing he's not above making deals to protect himself, a far cry from setting himself on fire in early seasons.


Dr. Cock is a doctor who appears to be completely incompetent as such, since he frequently cannot conjure up the correct medical terminology to describe his patients' illnesses or the necessary treatment, and may suffer from a type of mental illness (he acts bizarrely and often says irrelevant things). He also often behaves irrationally, such as dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself aflame for no apparent reason (he was trying to have some common ground with a burned Granny after she chose to get planet-size breast implants), and can be cruel, intentionally or otherwise, to his injured patients (he pokes and tears at Granny's burned flesh while in I.C.U., which gives him much pleasure). He has even once hinted that he may not even a licensed doctor (which is likely given his lack of medical knowledge and questionable practices).

In later seasons, he's been shown to be slightly more competent and mentally sound, but an even bigger jackass from before, even going as a far as to goad the Sheriff into checking out a pic of his semi-erect penis under the guise of medical records and helping Dan Halen get a new hairline in "Taint Misbehavin'."

Traits and Abilities[]

In "Krystal, Light", he is even shown to be willing to perform surgical procedures which would easily result in his patient's death, like drilling a hole in the back of Krystal's head so she would lose weight (knowing full well she would die in two weeks from massive organ failure) or gleefully separating Krystal and her Siamese twin Amber Jean with a Katana (which more than likely killed Krystal's twin sister).



  • Dr. Cock is voiced by Brendon Small. The same voice actor who voiced the one-shot character Dr. Jerry from the episode "Family Trouble". Ironically both characters are doctors and are similar to each other. It's possible that Dr. Jerry was a early variation of Dr. Cock, after Jerry's death. He was replaced by Dr. Cock to fill in.