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Duel of the Dimwits is the eighth episode from the eleventh season of Squidbillies. It first aired December 3rd, 2017 on [Adult swim].


Early clashes with his neighbor, Dewey Duvall, over whose land is whose.


Early and Rusty prepare to go hunting for horses. After targeting an Early one, he is interrupted by the lawn mower of the nearby Duvall, a clan of neighboring forks, protagonists of a long well-defined history with the Cuylers. Apparently their patriarch died the day before trying to put a deer stall near a repeater and died of radiation, leaving his son Dewey Jr responsible for things. Early, he begins to console him, but ends up reminding him of the alleged fact that Dewey Sr was famous for repeatedly trying with Granny Cuyler without success. Dewey Jr disputes him, insisting that his father had really managed to conquer Granny. However, the main problem is who owns that land and consequently whether the Duvalls can bury Dewey Sr on that land. Back home, the two report the news to Granny, who bursts into tears over the death of Dewey Sr, leading Early and Rusty into confusion. Granny confesses her love for Dewey, seeing him as a loophole from her loveless marriage to Ga Ga Pee Pap, who will also prove to be his brother. In fact, the first times, while idolizing him despite all the abuses he suffered, he falls in love with Dewey. Their relationship comes into the open and Ga Ga and Dewey dueled for his love by fighting with stick strokes for a whole day, until Ga Ga forced Granny to duel for her, forcing Dewey to give up. To date, the Cuylers arrive at the sepulcher in the middle of the night to overthrow it, but are found by Dewey Jr and his son, leading to another duel with stick strokes, this time to try to win the ground. The sheriff arrives with Rusty to fix things on the properties once and for all and it turns out that all the land actually belongs to the Duvall family and that the Cuyler shack is the only thing they really own.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"



  • This episode explores the history of THe Cuylers & here neighbors The Duvalls'.
  • This is Ga Ga Pee Pap's first appearance in a flashback since "A Walk To Dignity".
  • A Gravestone of Dewey Sr. can be seen saying "Dewberry Devereaux Duvall" "Junior Senior Senior" & "Beloved Father", the Cuyler's removed it eventually.
  • Dewey Duvall reveals his father put a deer stand into a cellphone tower, that wasn't a tree at all, a cellphone tower.
  • Vietnamese is mentioned once.
  • Granny and GaGa's father is officially revealed in this episode.
  • Bottles of Glug can be seen in the flashback with Ga Ga Pee Pap, however Glug was not invented back then & it shouldn't be there, this would start causing continuity errors as Glug was invented in the Season 1 episode "Office Politics Trouble", many years later when Rusty was in the Cuyler Family & Early was working for Dan Halen at the time.
  • The Towels Granny messed up on now resemble the American Flag.
  • According to the website "IMDB", this episode is the lowest rated episode of Squidbillies with it given a 6.5 rating.