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Durwood Cuyler is the brother of Early, Lil, Dr. Bug, Shannon Cuyler and the uncle of Rusty. He is the son of Ga Ga Pee Pap Cuyler and Granny Cuyler.


He is more intelligent than his siblings, as he obtained his GED, had a job, and moved out their hometown. Like his brother Dr. Bug, he is ashamed of his heritage and often wears makeup to conceal his squid appearance to look human.

He may be a closeted homosexual, as he went to an all male strip club. However, he had hetero porn on his laptop so he may at least be bisexual. In addition, he came home taking off his make up, which he uses to appear more human, and clothes to initiate an intimacy with Fiona. He was shown hurt and upset when he discovered Rusty and Fiona having sex; repeatedly calling her a "whore".

Despite resenting his family, he is similar to them in many ways, as he is unemployed (unaware his wife knows) and is scamming the state for welfare checks.

He hasn't made any appearance in a episode since, Until his third and final appearance in the series finale "This Show Was Called Squidbillies, where he was seen in Granny's Funeral.