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Earth Worst is the sixth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on February 24, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


After Early sells some of the land for commercial use, the family has a run-in with a group of hippies.


The episode starts with Rusty playing a guitar, Early singing, and Granny dancing. Granny throws herself from her walker and cracks her head right open on a tree stump. Rusty repeats a speech his father (Early) said to him once.

Suddenly, a strong wind forces Early to run inside the house, locking Rusty and Granny outside. Granny regains consciousness only to be crushed by a tree. Persuaded he was going to die, Rusty walks into the storm and finds a capsule operating a wood chipper, but he gets sucked in, and nearly dies. stopping the wood chipper, the man in the capsule stops the chipper, and four hippies emerge from the woods. Spitting out Rusty's body, the chipper kills a hippie, depleting the morale of another hippie, and goes for the two survivors. Early saves them by shooting at the capsule with his shotgun.

The two machines retreat, and the two hippies start hugging Granny, but she turns her knife on them. The hippies explain that a nearby tree has an important fairy nymph inside, and encourage Rusty to play drums. when Early catches Rusty, he throws his drum away, he says "hell, I'd rather shoot my Damn self in the Brain." Early pulls the shotgun to the face and presses the trigger, blowing away part a fraction of his brain, Rusty yells "nooo! daddy!!!"

Early regains consciousness and tells Rusty that his brain is okay, and the while shooting was a pathetic cry for help. The hippies forgive him and say they are all beasts inside and "hunt" each other. The two hippies start having sex, and the Sheriff comes to investigate, saying "there's no nudity here until veterans day!" Early suddenly brings up the holiday of the Fourth of July, and Granny says every color was represented except for Cyan. Early cuts in pulling a bowie to Granny's throat saying "Cyan was represented!!!"

Granny kicks away the knife, repeating herself about Cyan, buy Early loads his shotgun, putting Granny in point-blank range. Granny says: "okay, Cyan may have been represented." and "I'm glad you noticed, Granny!"

"I'm just saying I didn't see it but-" Early pulls the trigger and kills Granny. The hippies use the bullet shell as a hacky sack, and Rusty plays with it. Suddenly, Dan Halen appears in a military helicopter, wearing a helmet, holding a microphone, and has a nuclear bomb, Dan enforces them to surrender since they only had 60 seconds to vacate since he would harm the environment and everyone in it including himself. The hippies grab onto a tree where they think the fairy nymph is. Not giving them any more chances to surrender, Halen drops the bomb, and it explodes. Burning down the tree, the explosion decapitates the female hippy and burns the male to death. Granny comes back and assesses the current situation.

The ending shows, Rusty wearing a necklace with Dakota's hand attached to it, severed in the explosion, with a ruby ring on it. Early then snatches the ring from him during a Smokey Moon Jump amusement park made by Dan Halen, and a wood chipper destroys the remains of the Cuyler House along a bouncy house showing bodies of dead children, thus concluding the episode.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Damn Bald Eagles, Ft McPherson"


Guest Appearances[]

  • Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, and Jon Wurster as a group of hippies.



  • The Hippies are voiced by guest star, Fred Armisen (The same actor for Squid Jesus), Rachel Dratch voices a female hippie named Dakota, and Jon Wurster (the same actor for Skyler).
  • Early's trucker hat references Fort McPhearson in Georgia. 
  • The two giant machines the Hippies encountered are made from Dan Halen, one of them is named Rick. They got the lumber and mineral rights.
  • Some of the objects blown away by the wind of the two Dan Halen machines were a satellite disk, various trees, the truck-boat-truck, a deer, a dairy cow, the four-wheeler from "Webnecks", the Cuyler's outhouse and a train set.
    • The deer briefly seen in this episode is colored orange with a white tail, than the usual brown.
  • The famous Wilhelm scream is heard in this episode.
  • The hippie with drums and no visible eyes was the only hippie in the episode that didn't get killed.
    • Madison Square is mentioned by that said hippie, who ran away.
  • Lil makes a small cameo with the Cuyler House destroyed when one of the machines destroys the house and puts a sign for "Smokey Moon Jump".  
  • Latex Craig makes a early cameo debuting in this episode he later appears in the episodes "Atone Deaf" and "Clowny Freaks", he also has two squirrels he rubs himself with however he runs away gasping with three squirrels scattering away, Early mentioned he was a prevented sex addict. 
  • According to Dakota, a wood nymph is a mythological, semi-divine fairy that lives in every tree.
  • Granny's line and the scene when she says "two, three, four I got this rig when the crew broke up now let's beat some damn skins", the same scene shows her playing a large green drum set rotating, the drums then start buzzing, she falls off from the drums. 
  • The holiday, Veterans Day is mentioned by Sheriff when he sees the male hippie having sex with Dakota. 
  • The male hippie says the word "Chakra" when he and Dakota have sex with each other, Sheriff even mentions it when he joins the sex with the two hippies. 
  • Sheriff's hippie flashback takes place in the summer of 1994, as he used to be a hippie back then and was the leader of some folks called a "commune", they are a hippie group but he got drunk with power and declared myself that earthly embodiment of Jesus, Lucifer and Mani you know the most vengeful of all the north-land, the hippies are seen in a arena around some ground and we're pulled and enslaved by a monstrous Sheriff with a large collection of skulls according to the Sheriff he said in response is "I was unhinged big time the followers I didn't end up beating I forced into prostitution".
    • Some background imagery from "Meth O.D. to My Madness" was used in Sheriff's hippie flashback including three animal skeletons seen in the background.
    • One scene shows monstrous hippie Sheriff biting the skin out of a hippie's leg, that hippie is presumably dead.
  • When Sheriff continues having sex with the hippies Early mentioned that it "smell like someone took a massive dump on a huge pile of crap and soaked the whole thing in a jug of week-old farts and lit the whole caboodle on fire".
    • Russell mentions the holiday "Fourth of July" in relation which Early has done there seen a brief flashback showing that it created a large collection of fireworks colored in Fourth of July's colors; red, white, and blue, with one of them being a eagle flapping its wings along with the stars to the United States of America's flag, the number "eight" is also seen as a form of a firework, Granny also mentioned "and all of the spectral colors were represented", except for the color of cyan according to Early, who threatens his mother with his knife to an injury with his shotgun, and later on, the color "aquamarine" is mentioned.
  • Dan Halen mentions to the hippies to drop their "dream catchers" and listen to him.
    • Dan Halen also mentioned "vegetarian, biodegradable", when he couldn't think anything to said when dropped the bomb onto Dakota and the male hippie.
  • The red ring from Dakota is a mood ring, a message of love and peace, according to Rusty. 
  • At the "Smokey Moon Jump", a pile of dead children are seen, that passed out because of the oxygen from the car that Granny is driving, are seen coming from a "Smokey Moon Jump" bounce castle when a amusement park based off "Smokey Moon Jump", which could been produced and made by Dan Halen during the episode's ending.