The episode starts with Rusty playing a gituar, Early singing, and Granny dancing. Granny throws herself from her walker and cracks her head right open on a tree stump. Rusty repeats a speech his father (Early) said to him once.

Suddenly, a strong wind forces Early to run inside the house, locking Rusty and Granny outside. Granny regains consiousness only to be crushed by a tree. Prusuaaded he was going to die, Rusty walks into the storm and finds a capsle operating a wood chipper, but he gets sucked in, and nearly dies. stopping the wood chipper, the man in the capsole stops the chipper, and four hippies emerge from the woods. Spitting out Rusty's body, the chipper kills a hippie, depleting the morale of another hippie, and goes for the two survivors. Early saves them by shooting at the capsole with his Shotgun.

The two machines retreat, and the two hippies start hugging Granny, but she turns her knife on them. The hippies explain that a nearby tree has an important faity nymph inside, and encourage Rusty to play drums. when Early catches Rusty, he throws his drum away, he says "Hell, I'd rather shoot my Damn self in the Brain." Early pulls the shotgun to the face andpresses the trigger. blowing away part a fraction of his brain, Rusty yells "NOOO! DADDY!!!"

Early regains consiousness and tells rusty that his brain is okay, and the while shooting was a pathetic cry for help. The hippies forgive him and say they are all beasts inside and "hunt" each other. the hippies start having sex, and the sherrif comes to investigate, saying "There's no Nudity here until veterans day!" Early suddenly brings up the fourth of july, and Granny says everything was reprisented except Shianne. Early cuts in pulling a bowie to Granny's throat saying "SHIANNE WAS REPRISENTED!!!"

Granny kicks away the knife, repeating herself about Shianne, buy Early Loads his Shotgun, putting Granny in point-blank range. Granny says: "Okay, Shianne MAY have been Reprisented."

"I'm glad you noticed, Granny!"

"I'm just saying I didn't see it but-" Early pulls the trigger and kills Granny. The hippies use the bullet shell as a hacky sack, and Rusty plays with it. Suddenly, Dan Halen appears in a military hellicopter, wearing a helmet, goggles, and a parachute. holding a bomb, Dan enforces them to surrender. the hippies grab onto a tree where they think the fairy nymph is. Not giving them any more chances to surrender, Halen drops the bomb, and it explodes. Burning down the tree, the explosion decapitates the female hippy and burns the male to death. Granny comes back and asesses the current situation. the ending shows Rusty wearing a necklace with the female hippy's hand, severed in the explosion, with a ruby ring on it. Early snatches the ring, thus concluding the episode.