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Evan & Troy are two recurring background characters that appear in Squidbillies. The duo usually appears together, or appear separated in episodes.


The two of them are designed to be weird looking human beings, Evan wears a blue striped shelved shirt, golden neck list, green pants, brown shoes, and a brown cap. Troy wears a black, pink, and blue hexagon themed shirt underneath a gray, and green shelved shirt, light brown pants and black shoes. Evan has brown hair, while Troy has blonde hair.


Evan & Troy are a duo of two stereotypical hippies that first appeared in "Office Politics Trouble". As shown in their debut episode, they are both afraid of Granny Cuyler, and the gunshots from Early's shotgun. They do meet up with Early to buy weed from him, but end up drinking Glug out of an vacuum from Early's machine, making these two the first characters in the show to ever be effected by Glug, soon Troy ends up putting his hand into a small beehive full of honey bees.

After this episode Evan and Troy make some additional appearances in the series as background characters. For example in the episode "Velvet Messiah", when Early poses as Jesus Christ, Troy asks "what are you gonna do about Global warming?", and Evan asks Early "can you end that war in Afghanistan?".

Evan later played a role in "Lipstick On A Squid" where worked as a scientist, and lab rat at a "Animal Research Center" studying, and testing animals like pigs, and spraying Russell with spray, which his hair starts falling off his body, while he wears a yellow biohazard suit for his own safety. He also called himself "Devin". Evan also went to a "Theta house for Greeks" only during that time. Troy however only appeared once in that episode at that said place chasing a dressed up woman.



  • Early already knew they're names when they encounter him in their debut episode.
  • Evan and Troy apparently have two unseen friends named "Boredo" and "Wolfman".