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Events by Russell is the ninth and final episode from the twelfth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on September 15th, 2019 on [adult swim]

Synopsis []

Early interferes with Rusty's new party business and it's the last call...for action!


Rusty has a profitable business at the ongoing bar where he organizes parties and Early would like to be a DJ. Rusty, thinking that it could ruin him, doesn't want to have anything to do with his father, however, after being convinced by Granny, the two go into business together. After a rapid split, Early tries to start his own business that ends in disaster since he used a gardening hose that sprays water everywhere and ruins Rusty's job in the process. The two then enter into a fight, which ends up with Rusty ripping out the throats out of Early, Deputy Denny, Ellis, Sheriff, and Granny, the next morning, the five then come out thanking Rusty, and communicate to him differently with a electronic device.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter" 
  • "Events by Russell"


Theme Song Performer[]


  • DJ Early Cuyler's Cuts by Trackstar the DJ
    • Ooh That Smell! by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Trivia []

  • The episode's own title is the name of a special event happening at the Jiggle Hut.
  • This is the first appearance of Steve since his cameo in "The War on The War on Christmas", also this is his only appearance in Season 12.
  • According to Ellis, Early can get two drink tickets and a ballot, though, he asked Early for a five-dollar cover for Events by Russell.
  • Dewey Duvall and Dewey Duvall Jr. from the episodes "Duel of the Dimwits" and "Dewey Two-ey" make cameos during the "Hairiest chest in Dougal County" contest, only to lose to a hairy Mexican named "Rodrigo."
  • Radio Announcer (or Brock Bell) from the episodes "The Big E", and "The Legend of Kid Squid" makes a cameo in this episode, in the Jiggle Hut.
  • Early mentions to Rusty that the Jiggle Hut is the one place where he feels at home, because he doesn't feel at home at home, and claims that Rusty is ruining his own home life by bringing his home life into here. He then tells him to get the "sumbitchin' hell" outta of his house. Granny, wearing a black and white coach outfit, then appears and uses a whistle, and calls them "Party foul", and told them that their is no parking on the dance floor. When asked by Early about why she is at the bar, Granny is the referee of the "Puddin' Wrestling". Early also answers that they are aware of his fixation on buxom women, which he calls "womens", "grapplin' in a baby pool full of puddin'". He even asks himself why he why in hell that he wasn't asked to officiate. Rusty mentioned that didn't want to bother him, claiming that he knows that he gets super busy at this time of the year, with his alcohol drinking. Early mentioned that he had a schedule to keep, but he can squeeze in the things that matter. Rusty then gives Early drink tickets, so he could just go drink some more drinks. Rusty is then told to roll more of the tickets and Early drags them away, while he wants to have some fun.
  • Some of the music heard in this episode has the lyrics of "Are you ready for this?, Are you ready for your time?".
  • During the Events by Russell event, pudding wrestling (where women start wrestling together in a large pile of chocolate pudding, in a pool, also called the "puddin' pit") was used but later on it was replaced, as only gravy wrestling was then used, also the pudding may have been from a "Pudd-x" gallon, which isn't even real pudding, with a subpar flavor, and is not for consumption. Rusty mentioned that it was an industrial-grade antibacterial gelatinous.
  • During the numerous fun activities at the bar, Early is seen playing his balloon guitar on-stage.
  • Limbo is also shown as in an activity in Events by Russell, shown at least two times in the bar.
  • In the Jiggle Hut, bottles of Glug can be seen everywhere when Early was drinking.
  • Early is seen pouring and mixing different liquids from glasses and drinks it, with the latter having two ice cubes and cigarette in it.
  • The Stoned Man from "Frivolacious Squidigation" reappears.
  • Early asked about the whereabouts of a drank-ticket roll and told him to hook a brother up, Rusty told him that he isn't his own brother, he is his father.
  • Rusty earned dollar bills from Ellis, who claimed that the bar's special Events by Russell event, which he calls "sh*t" was that lit, and Rusty says "Preciate ya", even though, he mentions that he earned every penny, this leads to Early discovering this and sobbing, for obvious reasons such as wanting to be a DJ, for his business, although, Granny mentioned that he is "hurtin'" bad and she mentions that he wishes that he and his son could get together on something, feeling like he just wants to heal the rift between "y'all" and be father and son again.
  • Early claimed that Granny says that Rusty is looking to expand, as Rusty assumes that the business could use some help loading in and sound like something that Early could help them with the latter was hoping to be the one to play the records and talking in front of all of the people and being the one that everybody looked at. Rusty then told to take the PA set to the van, and will talk about it tomorrow.
  • Granny was crushed by one of the PA sets and moved it away, due to Early, agreeing to a yes for working, claiming that he is a good worker and delegates good. This action happens over two times in the episode.
    • Before crushing his own mother with that said PA, he says "hot damn."
  • In practice, Rusty tells Early to pretend that Granny is a typical contestant in one of their wet T-shirt contests, Granny mentions what she lacks in balcony, she more than make up for in caboose, and then she is flapping her own butt cheeks. Rusty then tells to stop, and then Rusty gives a pitcher of beer, which he chugs down, instead of pouring on a lady's shirt, like he was supposed do. Early mention that he didn't care, since he was now drunk. Rusty explains the whole point of the wet T-shirt contest is that you moisten up the T-shirt. Early then proceeds to spray Granny with a hose.
  • When mentioning what consequences that Early would do if he spray the Jiggle Hut's DJ set, he claims that you then got a bunch of wet boobies flopping around in the dark. No one could see them or judge them.
    • Early then proceeds to called him "The Rusty Cuyler Show", as his name is on his van and it's his ass on the line.
  • Early mentioned the foods blue cheese, cottage cheese, cheese grits, or Queso cheese, while listing this, from a notepad paper, which he wondered if they had them (referring to people or women) wrestle in exotic international foods, instead of pudding. He lastly mentions Mexican cheese.
    • The aforementioned Cheese grits were also considered to wrestled in but it all melted and Granny was stuck into the melted cheese, which Rusty had to pulled her out of the cheese.
  • When Early said that he loses his own "sh*t" if he hears Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Ooh That Smell!" in the nightclub.
  • Rusty mentioned that, while he hate to break it to Early, people like hip-hop, which Early pronounces as "Hippity-hop?". He thought it was with low wearing jeans and sideways ball caps, he prefers hat bills in the front and the trousers pulled up with a braided belt from 1991 or Rusty could find himself a new DJ.
  • Early claimed that he quits, and tells Rusty to "Suck on that, bossman", and claims that he is now the boss.
  • Granny revealed that Early's dream has always to DJ into a club, but this is confirmed to be a cash business with late nights and alcohol, with Early being an alcoholic.
  • Early used a small beehive as headphones, when he was pretending to be a DJ, while a swarm of bees come out of their beehive to sting Early. He then claims that the "damn" bees were in his headphones.
    • Early also sings "Ooh, that smell, smell." He then asks Rusty and Granny why no one is dancing, due to it being a dance song.
  • When Rusty tells Early to load a PA set, similar to earlier, the latter crushes Granny with it and tells her to get the PA set into the bar, due to him carrying the limbo stick, which is all Early is doing tonight, Early then wonders how he is going to play limbo if he is holding the stick, gonna play any records and hold drinks, and talk into a microphone, which he isn't going to do. Early then mentions "If you just want some mindless robot to hold a limbo stick, you might as well get yourself a stand with a peg on it!". Rusty claims that he will, yet Early responds with a "Well, please don't", because he then asks how he is gonna get himself some free drink tickets. Rusty assumes he would pay a cover like everyone else. Early then claims that he is gonna carry them both, as he moves Granny and the PA set, after putting the stick on the said set.
  • Early's line; "You making me look dumb as hell in front of the boss!", suggests that the Jiggle Hut has a boss, this is most likely Ellis.
  • Sharif and Deputy Denny did the limbo in the second limbo event.
  • When Rusty is narrating the second Limbo event, he uses a Jamaican accent when saying "Do the limbo, mon!".
  • Early mentions the words "Looks like someone's got their pecker in a pigeon hole" to Rusty.
  • When Rusty leaves the Jiggle Hut to the van, he calls his father a "damn baby", and says that "I ougtha fire your ass."
  • When Early was fresh out of pudding power, Rusty had to drive home to get two "Pudd-x" gallons for the event, due to Early's hand being full right now with the limbo stick, however, it was replaced by Gravy Wrestling.
    • Rusty doesn't understand how many times that he has to say that pudding is not for consumption.
  • The woman in the Georgia Bulldogs bikini, from the aforementioned episode "The Okaleechee Dam Jam", "Pile M for Murder" and "Velvet Messiah", appears in the Gravy Wrestling pool event. She is also killed by Krystal.
  • The music that played when the Bashatizing Smash Master was came on screen from the Season 3 episode "Condition: Demolition!", is re-used again during the Gravy Wrestling' contest.
  • A wet T-Shirt contest was also considered for "Events by Russell", it ended up as a disaster, as Early used the hose to blasting water everywhere, soon this leads to a fire destroying the strip club due to a electricity from Russell's DJ player.
    • This is the third episode to mentioned a wet T-shirt contest, the other episodes were "Family Trouble", which was mentioned by Krystal, and "The Okaleechee Dam Jam", which the latter episode had a wet T-shirt get cancelled due to water restrictions.
  • This is the third episode the Jiggle Hut has been destroyed, with the first episode being in the episode "Atone Deaf", and the second being in the episode "Fatal Distraction", this time was caused by Early using the hose that he brought with him which sprayed into Russell's DJ Set (or music player), causing a electric shock from the DJ's electricity, making things fall down destroying the propriety, lighting the bar on fire.
  • Rusty told Early not to use the hose, but the latter uses it regardless.
  • The Events by Russell van disappears when the Jiggle Hut was burning down.
  • When Early leaves, he drives via motorcycle, while Rusty chases after him, this leads to them fighting.
  • After Rusty rips out Early's throat, and is thrown into a pool, filled with pudding, Deputy Denny pulls out handcuff to arrest Rusty, due to it being illegal to pull out of his own daddy's throat, but the latter's throat was ripped out of his stomach, Ellis asked Rusty "what happened to the fun?", then Rusty does same thing. Before Sharif's throat was ripped out of his stomach, which Sharif found risky, since he is in the mood, but he asked how Rusty learned to rip throats out of people's bodies. Granny is the last person, who's throat was ripped out and thrown into the pool.
  • It's unknown how Granny escaped from the melted cheese when the Jiggle Hut burned down.
  • After their throats are ripped out by Rusty. Early, Granny, Sheriff, Denny, and Ellis communicate by using a device known as an electronic-larynx, and are all given robotic voices when speaking in the said device.
  • Rusty also tells that he is "sorry" for the incident, which he just snapped. Ellis mentioned that he lost his own bar, but thought it was "worth it" and thought the party was "Goat", Early then appreciates him, and gives him a fist bump. Sharif accepts that he is throat was ripped out by Rusty, because he had a tumor in his stomach from a lifetime of smoking, Granny mentioned that she wanted to fit in after her throat was ripped out, Early claimed that he can show people a good time, and Denny mentioned the party was off the hook and "off the chain". Sharif and Granny then mentioned other things, including the word "chain."
    • Sheriff: "Whatever apparatus connected you to something, gone."
    • Granny: "Yeah." "Whatever chain we were on." "We're off it now."
    • Sheriff: "Bring in the chains, referee. Let's measure it." "'Cause I think we got first down of good times."
    • Early, Sheriff, Ellis, Denny, and Granny all then laugh with robotic laughter in their voices, as the episode ends.
  • The Hospital seen at the end of the episode, has a different design from the regular Dougal County Hospital.
  • This is the final episode of the season where the episode doesn't have no usual credit sequence, the other episodes of the season that don't any of the show's usual credit sequences are "Muscadine Wine", "The Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain", "Cooler-Heads Prevail", and "Blue Lives Battered".
  • The design of the Events by Russell van and logo, that we're seen in the episode, were done by Trey Wadsworth.
  • This is the final episode of the show to feature Unknown Hinson as the voice of Early Cuyler, due to being fired in 2020 because of controversial and racist Facebook posts that he made about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and sexist comments to Dolly Parton in August 2020. In the upcoming thirteen season, Early's voice actress would be replaced by comedian Tracy Morgan.
  • As of 2021, this episode has currently been the latest and most recent episode of the show, prior to any of the upcoming episodes of Season 13.

References & Allusions[]

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Ooh That Smell!" was heard on a DJ set, even when Early scratches the DJ set's records of the song playing, but stopped by Rusty, due to the latter not wanting Skynyrd's deep cuts on the dance floor. Early also sings this song a few times.
  • When Early and Rusty are fighting against each other, Early mentions the lines "I used to [bleep], fellers like you in prison" and "I'm gonna kill you the old fashion way", while bringing out a pistol, Rusty mentioned it was from the Patrick Swayze film "Roadhouse" as Early is quoting lines from the film, which Rusty told him to not quote lines from the movie, leading him to rip out his father's throat in the first place.
    • "F**k" is censored by a bleep noise, in the sentence.
  • When speaking through via a electronic-larynx, Granny mentions "Who let the dogs out?", in reference to a song made by Baha Men.
    • Granny mentioned that Early was the one who took off their chains, which explains how they got out.