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Female Coffee Cashier is a Minor Character in Squidbillies, she appears in two episodes of the series, "The War on the War on Christmas", & "Galvin", she works at a coffee shop as a cashier.


In the episode "The War on the War on Christmas", she is seen pouring coffee into someone's cup in the coffee shop, she say's to a man "Thank you, Happy Holidays", Early Cuyler on a cross to replicate the cross Jesus Christ was on then comes, she say's to him "Season's greetings, What I can get going for you?", Early then said "One venti triple cappuccino room for cream", the cashier that said "Should I put your name as "Jesus Christ?", Early then replied "No, my name is not "Jesus Christ", but I speak to him And I say stop shitting I overal his birthday", the cashier then said "Just tell me what name to put", Early then said "My name is "Merry Christmas", Early then moved away & said to her "And I'm gonna sit way over here, so that you got to call it out nice & loud, your corporate overloads don't like it, but I'm gonna make you say it"

Later on she calls for Early's name by saying "Merry Christmas," your drink is ready", Early then said "Say it louder, now say my name", she say's "Merry Christmas," your drink is ready" again, Russell then hands him his coffee.

Later on in the episode Early drinks through a bunch of coffee & demanded more, the cashier then came & said "Jesus Christ is the one true lord, the virgin Mary brought forth her first-born her and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manager because there was no room at the inn", which is listed on the coffee cup, she then said "your caramel macchiato is ready", Early then glurp it up, Early then replied "I done told you, "More whipped cream"!, hwo many sumbitchin' times I gonna say it?!", the coffee shop was closing at the time & Early was yelling complaining, mentioning that he was boycotting the shop, the cashier came back & then said "Happy Holidays", as she opened the door for him, Early however said "Shut Up!" to her.

In "Galvin", she makes a short appearance in this episode as she is seen walking inside with a unnamed friend in Ballmart while Galvin greets her.